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So I had an interesting scenario today.  I have a first time homebuyer that is looking at buying some inexpensive property here in Wilmington (OK, I know...strike one).  He wants 100% financing (strike 2) so I took a loan app, and he has no bad credit but a mediocre score of 642.  He has a great ...
So I finally hit 15,000 points today.  Should there be some sort of fanfare or ticker tape parade?  LOL  Probably not.  Anyway, I've been working on this blogging stuff for a quite a while now and have learned a lot along the way.  I once thought 10,000 was an impossible goal.  Now I know differe...
On April 11 of this year, I had posted a blog about a website that is keeping track of all the subprime lenders that have fallen since the end of last year.  The name of the website is:www.lenderimplode.comAt the time of my original posting, the count was at 52.  3 short months later, the death t...
If you saw my other blog about the iPhone posted here, you should love watching this video! I originally didn't think very highly of the over-hyped up little piece of gadgetry. However, I might be forced to rethink my opinion after viewing this informative video on the additional uses of the phon...
                                Think before you speak...                                                                                                                                                             Have you ever spoken and wished that you could                                     ...
It has come to my attention today that non-users can comment on your blogs.  The comment left on one of my blogs today was vulgar and insulting.  Nice to know someone thinks that highly of me to leave a message and hide behind a fake name with profanity in it.  I'm assuming some kid was trying be...
I think it is an important time in our country, and I would like to encourage everyone to take the time out on fourth of July and remember what we are celebrating.  It seems like most Americans today care more about the government taking care of them than individual freedoms, don't be lazy, pleas...
OK, this is totally ridiculous, but it did make me laugh a little. I thought you guys might enjoy. "Lets go...yayyyyyy!" LMAO OK, I know this was pointless and stupid especially after the first 30 seconds, but I couldn't resist. Have a great Tuesday everyone! And remember, just because tomorrow i...
This really cracked me up...LOL Before you guys jump to too many conclusions, there was a purpose in this. It seems the guys were trying to get it open to find out what was inside. More specifically, they wanted to learn who manufactured the parts such as the wi-fi card. Unfortunately, most of th...

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