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            It’s amazing how foreign buyers have their eyes locked on to the Miami condo market. The natural beauty of Miami drags in thousands of foreign tourists from all corners of the globe and from other states as well. Its pristine beaches, luxurious 5-star hotels, awesome nightlife and the...
Miami Beach has always been a top vacation spot in all of Florida. In fact, it has been one of America's pre-eminent beach resorts for almost a century. Recent statistics reveal that the number of tourists flocking to the city is growing exponentially each year. In case you are planning to go for...
Investing in real estate is claimed to be among the best routes to wealth in the U.S. The acquisition and development of solid, income-generating real estate affords you a great opportunity to boost your cash position and achieve financial independence. However, just like any other form of invest...
Buying your own piece of real estate is an important step and is very often a good investment. But you should not just buy this first available property; there are a few important factors to consider and will likely be the difference between success and failure. When it comes to buying Miami Cond...
Miami is such a popular city due to a variety of reasons. It is a top tourist destination because of its pristine beaches. Investors flock to the area due to its significance in finance, commerce and international trade. The city is also highly sought after by retirees because of its natural beau...
It has been forecasted by major real estate developers in the U.S. that Miami will be one of the most stable condo markets in the country over the next couple of years. This forecast has been based on the steady job growth and a gradually dwindling supply of rental properties in the city. The inh...
Known as “The Gateway to the Americas”, Miami is not only a haven for retirees and young professionals but also a Mecca for foreign investors. Owing to its strategic geographical location, the availability of Miami condos, penthouses and luxury villas is plentiful. Being an international hub for ...
As if the current guidelines weren't stringent enough with regards to condo financing, Fannie Mae and the FHA have introduced new wrinkles into the requirements to get a mortgage. Fannie has only made one change to its requirements -- they now will require a minimum credit score of 620, up from 5...
Right now there are some amazing investment opportunities available in Downtown Miami / Brickell. In some condo buildings, prices have fallen so low that you can buy a unit, rent it out, and have pretty good cash flow after deducting your maintenance payment and taxes. The 2 buildings that are ge...
Over the past few months, the amount of activity in Downtown Miami has been off the charts. Developers and construction lenders have agreed to bite the bullet on many projects and have slashed priced to near fire sale level. In the past quarter, projects such as 1060 Brickell, Brickell on the Riv...

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