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      With the water restrictions going on all over the U.S. and even droughts in some parts of the world. It's time we all came together and did something together as a planet to help out with this water crisis. We would use less grey water here since we get rain, but remember every little bit h...
       When you go through the closing process when buying a house,most people are aware that there will be closing costs. What they don't know is that mortgage closing costs are higher here in the state of Florida then 41 other states. Which puts us in the top 10 of that list. WOW! Hawaii has th...
      Among all the golf courses that stretch through beautiful and sunny Florida, lies the championship golf course of The Eagles located in the Nine Eagles community. The Eagles Golf Club boasts a long, proud tradition of holding a high standard of excellence for public access golf in the Tampa...
    Football season is here! Just another reason to host a party right? Of course! As football season starts to roll, so does the competition of who can throw the best football party. You gotta love the atmosphere that football season brings, so why not embrace that as a theme. There are a few ba...
        Curb appeal is definitely a project that requires on going maintenance. Usually what ends up happening is we put of these projects off during the winter months. Now that summer is almost at an end and as we begin the autumn months, it's a great time to look into completing these projects....
     There are so many ideas when it comes to needing to save space. The trick to it is finding out which of these ideas best suit your homes. There are all kinds of things you can do to save space. If you have wall room of even if you lack walls remember to think outside the box and don't forget...
      A term that many people unfortunately are not familiar with is grey water. Due to both a booming population and droughts across the globe we've reached a water crisis. If we make an effort to use this grey water that we waste, we can make a huge difference. The average U.S. household uses a...
     If you like golf then you'll love the Golf and Country Club facility of Avila located in Tampa,Fl. Built in 1980, this 72 par, 18 holes, 7000+ yards golf course is is beautifully laid and meticulously kept. The layout is marvelous with rock seawalls lining the water hazards. Beuatifully mani...
       Here we are at the end of July, which means that summer is just about over and bar-b-ques become further and fewer between. Even though it doesn't get cold here in Tampa, but our schedules and routines change with the kids going back to school. The best part about being in Tampa in that it...
   There are so many small projects that you can do while on a budget to improve the curb appeal of your home to make it more welcoming for potential buyers for those with a home on the market. Just something as simple as installing a walkway up to the front door, pressure washing the exterior an...

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Top-Notch Tampa Real Estate
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