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Jared has been involved in real estate for 18 years. He has expert advice and loves to help sell their house for top dollar or help others find just the right house.



Majority of the lenders will consider allowing a Short Sale if there has been a change in circumstance after the loan was initially obtained which caused the borrower difficulty to keep up with the mortgage payments.   Here are some of the possible reasons:   1. Loss of income   2. Divorce   3. J...
  Did everyone have an epic Christmas? But really, what is Christmas? For you, especially? Is it still magical, or is it just another day where we blow our money on the things we want? You are all welcome to share your thoughts. Happy holidays everyone and I hope we all gained 10 lbs! :)
                                                      (not the actual pic,for visual purposes only)   It's obvious to anyone who has set foot in Portland, Oregon that the city and its residents are passionate and support green living and environment sustainability. The city's layout and size mak...
    Trust me you don't want to be on the same situation. Watch this short video on the best ways to pay off debt. Turn on the television!  
    WikiLeaks' Julian Assange walks free out of London's High Court after being freed on bail Thursday just nine days after he was arrested for questioning. Assange gave thanks to the public, the media, his lawyers, and the British justice system. He handed himself over to police in London last ...
I will be on the radio show "The Real Estate Show" KMED 1440 on Saturday live 10:00 am taking calls, rebroadcast Sunday at 4.     Everyone across the globe can listen too. Tune in to their livestream. Click on the photo below.  
  The sun is a public good no more. Yes, the sun finally has an owner. Angeles Duran, a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the star at a local notary public as being her property. Duran told the online edition of daily El Mundo that after reading about an Am...
Ashland Oregon Short Sale Closed!  Amount owed:  $608,000 to Aurora & $76,000 with Specialized Loan Servicing Sold For: $285,000 Hardship:  Loss of income from self employment due to current economic conditions  If you know someone in the Rogue Valley, Jackson or Josephine County, Southern Oregon...
  A "normal" sale is one where the seller has equity in their home and is not in a situation where if they don't sell the home will be taken from them by their creditors. Oftentimes after an inspection has been done by a professional inspector, if their are any needed repairs, they can be negoti...
   I'm sure the kids on my neighborhood do not want this to happen. What are your thoughts on this cartoon?                            

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