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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Hokanson Realty & Jared Realty Group
Jared has been involved in real estate for 18 years. He has expert advice and loves to help sell their house for top dollar or help others find just the right house.



  Medford is famous in the US for its succulent pears. Bosc, Comice, d'Anjou, Bartlett, and Winter Nellis pears are all grown here. Its economy is centered around agriculture and timber products, and visitors will see miles and miles of fruit and timber trees in the area. It is a popular place t...
Closing Costs This is the last installment of the "Selling a House in Oregon" blog series. Hopefully we all learned something from this series. You may want to educated yourself about closing costs and not be surprised later in the future of some due payments. In Oregon, you can expect to pay fo...
  This is still part of the "Selling a House in Oregon" blog series. Before we go to the closing costs, let us first exam the title restrictions on your home.   When you're buying a home, you're buying more than bricks, mortar and wood. You're buying the legal title to the home and the land it si...
  Here is the third installment of the "Selling a House in Oregon" blog series.   Your Oregon real estate lawyer or title company will investigate the legal title of the property you want to sell, and may find issues you'll need to understand. In Oregon, for example, an implied easement may be pr...
  Most likely, agents spend hours using Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and countless other tools to get their listings out there, and the competition is tight. A wide distribution of listings across the web isn’t enough to grab the attention of potential customers. Let’s face it, most re...
Here is the second part of the "Selling a House in Oregon" blog series. How do you know when you have a serious buyer? It's simple. He sends you a written offer to purchase your home, sometimes called a "purchase agreement," "earnest money agreement," "offer to purchase" or "sale agreement," whic...
  Selling a house is one of the most IMPORTANT legal transactions you'll ever participate in. It is very crucial to know your legal rights and understand the process before you make any decision. This will be a series of blog detailing how the system or process of selling a house in Oregon works....
We all work hard seven days a week. But let us not forget that health is more important than wealth. Walnuts are not a hard nut to crack when it comes to nutrition. Walnuts are the star of Waldorf salad but they'd be at home in any serving of salad greens. And they are a nutritional wonder. Walnu...
We're dining out again and buying airlines tickets. But is it a comeback? Consumers have been the engine driving growth in a country. Since the crisis started in 2007, consumers have witnessed as their most prized assets, investments and homes, decreased much of their value. They have felt less f...
  The Print Screen button on your keyboard is actually for firing up the printer. With the continuous innovation of technology comes a myriad of useful tooms and one that I personally recommend to agents is Jing.   If you are not currently leveraging a screen capture tool for your real estate bus...

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