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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Hokanson Realty & Jared Realty Group
Jared has been involved in real estate for 18 years. He has expert advice and loves to help sell their house for top dollar or help others find just the right house.



Why should Redwood be your next home? Well, this great place has a lot of things to offer. Visit Schroeder Park and enjoy nature at its best with so many wildlife and beautiful landscapes to see. This community also has a school, a couple of facilities, and many more. Check out the link below for...
UGB Fruitdale is the perfect town to find your next home. It has a couple of schools, a park, and facilities just near the Rogue River Highway. It's a town that lies along the great Rogue River so there's so many outdoor activities that you can do in this place. Check out the link below to know m...
Smell the scent of earthy grass as you drive down the road. Here are Murpy and N.Applegate Area, you can enjoy the simple country life and be free from all your worries and cares. There's lot of great homes where you can be close to nature and do lots of outdoor activities. Find out more about th...
West Medford is a place where you can find the perfect home and live the perfect life you've always wanted. It has everything that you need starting from schools, facilities, shopping centers to places of recreation. You'll never get tired of living in this amazing place. Want to know more? Check...
There are so many reasons why you should go to Douglas County South. This place has a lot of natural wonders like forests, mountains, conservation areas, wildlife safaris, and many more. There's the Umpqua National Forest or the Wildlife Safari where you can witness rich wildlife and amazing land...
There's so many reasons why you should come to NW Medford. It's a place full of opportunities where you can find your dream home, get the perfect job, and live the perfect life. You'll find everything that you need in this place so why not check out the link below and we'll help you move in to th...
Southwest Medford real estate is where you can find life and excitement. The place is just so full of events, activities, and attractions. You'll never run out of things to do while your here. You can even spend some time with your friends and family and watch your local baseball team play. Want ...
East Medford can offer you the active lifestyle that you've always wanted. There's just so many things to do in this big town. If you like golf, there's a good number of small and big golf courses in the area. Find out more about this awesome place by checking out the link below. http://www.jared...
There's just so much in store for you in North Valley. There are a couple of places where you can do sports  like golf, tennis, and shooting. All of these places are just a couple of minutes away from each other. Not to mention, North Valley has also easy access to nearby cities so you wouldn't m...

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