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Quicksilver has released Transaction Management! This solution rounds out the Quicksilver platform, allowing brokers and agents alike to manage all aspects of their real estate operations from the QS platform. Many agents and brokers are already taking advantage of the many other features in our ...
We are looking for a select group of agents and managing brokers to tour and review our new features! Personal and group tours are available Mondays and Fridays, contact us today to schedule! Some new features include: Contact widgets for use on your custom sites FULL Transaction management syste...
When we take on a new client, we often get questioned for our opinion on the new website’s URL (domain name). We usually tell clients that as long their user name is easy to communicate and easy to remember, it is a winner. Richard Hartian of WinningAgent.com is on the same page, putting the appr...
We've all had our moments when we are scrolling through the posts of our fellow networkers and find ourselves paused, jaw dropped, at something that was shared. One thing about social media is that 'sharing' is not just from one hand to the next, but from one hand to all hands. Your brand has alw...
There is a new social media marketing tool in town, which my be the most fun and most addicting of them all! Pinterest is taking over computers and mobile devices all over the world. It has surged so quickly that InmanNext has even featured a webinar to help agents learn the ropes, as well as a P...
If you haven't already followed, circled and connected with Richard Hartian of WinningAgent.com, what are you waiting for? I am sure you have seen us posting links to his blogs about how to be successful as an agent, but what about blogging about blogging successfully? We've all read plenty of bl...
Jamie Westman shares this wonderful example of when and why it is important to have scripting when procuring new clients. With Quicksilver Leads, not only can you create custom drip campaigns, you can create custom and personalized email scripts to use with your new leads and clients. Check it ou...
Jeanna Martinez shares her key points to converting leads to clients. Our web based lead management system (complete with lead generating website) will help you to follow her tips and more! Check it out here.    Seven Must Do’s if you want to Capture that Lead   If you are in the real estate busi...
Here are some tips from Happy Grasshopper on what you should be doing before throwing contacts into an automated campaign. Drip campaigns are a wonderful way to stay in tough with your contacts on a regular basis, but if you don't place these critical building blocks first, your campaign can be m...
What’s in a name?   I think we can all agree that your name is one thing that sticks with you forever. Your name gives an impression of you as a person, and nowadays in a digital world, your email address does just the same.   Since the world of cell phones, I don’t memorize people’s phone number...

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