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Lots of agents are getting more and more leads through online marketing and lead generation these days, but it’s important to know how to turn a lead into a client! Do you know how to engage with your online leads? Here are a couple of tips:Call them back! When you get a new lead’s contact inform...
A good real estate contact manager/customer relationship manager will make your life easier! Here's a great post about how activity plans in particular can help lighten your load and streamline your business. Do you have a CRM yet? It's a shame so few people use their CRM for Transaction Manageme...
There's less than 24 hours until the start of the RMLS Trade Fair! If you are in the Portland area you should swing by the convention center tomorrow to see the latest and greatest technologies and services available in the real estate industry! This year's trade fair is going to be a great oppor...
This article is a great reminder that social media is a tool and should be treated as such! Make sure social media is working for you and not the other way around. Here are some tips on how to find the balance.I like writing about Social Media from time to time as this relative new phenomenon fas...
Realtors have become very familiar with contact managers to organize their leads, clients, vendors, etc. Everyone has some way of organizing this information even if it is as simple as using Outlook or Gmail. We all keep a digital address book with everyones information to make it easier to acces...
You don't need to spend all day on Facebook to get results out of your social media marketing! Here is a great guide on how to spend well under an hour each day and still grow your network.  Many people get overwhelmed by spending so much time on social media that it takes away from other importa...
Come visit our booth at the RMLS Trade Fair! We will be giving out our best promotions of the year in person at the Quicksilver Real Estate Solution’s RMLS booth! Come by to have a personal demo and learn how Quicksilver can help grow your business.Every visitor to our booth will receive: 100% o...
A blog is a good addition to your real estate website and can be a great way to generate traffic. Using your blog as an SEO tool is a great marketing strategy. Here is a post on how you can make your blog work for your SEO and help get your website noticed by Google and other search engines.  8 S...
When you are working on your lead generation we always recommend that you follow up with your new leads a quickly as possible! But once you've made first contact, it is equally important to continue to reach out. Here is a great article that breaks down some of the statistics you need to know whe...
Whether you are writing email campaigns, social media content, or a direct market piece, including a call to action is an important marketing technique. Don’t just tell people about yourself and your business, give them a reason to take action! Tell them why they should pick up the phone or visit...

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