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While some people seem to spend all day tweeting and blogging, some consider it a chore! For those of you who don't think you can find the time in your day to connect through social media, this post is for you! Here is an easy step-by-step to get all your social media in before you're done with y...
For the month of October, Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions is having a promotion for 20% off our set up fee when you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! I am a big fan of social media and would love to connect with you out on the web. We share interesting real estate news stories and im...
Leads are an integral part of the real estate business and knowing how to follow up with each and every one is the key to being successful. Here are some tips to make the most out of your internet leads:1. Follow up immediately! Leads who come to you through the internet are used to quick follow ...
So you've got a twitter account, great! Now what? To start using twitter to its fullest potential, it needs to be part of your marketing strategy and branding. Here are some ideas on how to take your tweeting to the next level so that you can turn twitter into a lead generating tool! As you read ...
Getting you Real Estate website out there is so important! And there are tons of ways to start marketing it. This is a great article on simple, free ways to spread the word about your site.  6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog As bloggers we know that there are massive amounts of ways...
Publishing articles online can be another great way for Realtors to expand your online presence. Chances are that you already have some great content you’ve created for your blog or resource section for your real estate website. Publishing your work as an online article will get you more exposure...
Here is the rest of the list full of great blogging ideas! With over 125 ideas total, hopefully that's enough topics to get you through the rest of the year. Time to get typing! The battle with "Blogger's Block" is officially OVER!   Thanks to all of my fellow ActiveRainers, we now have list of n...
Blogging is an essential part of a Realtor's marketing repertoire. Adding new content to your real estate website on a regular basis is an important step in creating a presence on the web. Don't let "blogger's block" keep you from getting out there! Here's a huge list of ideas from Kerry Lucasse ...
SEO can be a great way to drive more traffic to your website which means more opportunities to generate leads. Here is a great list of SEO tips from Justin Smith, ranging from quick and easy to more advanced. Working on optimizing your site is a great project for the last part of the summer! Bloc...
Here's a great tutorial for adding dynamic maps to your website or blog. Tech savvy touches like this will make your page more interactive and look professional. Following this tutorial you can create a custom map of your service area, highlight your office location, or feature upcoming open hous...

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