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One of the most important parts of your online presence is your domain name, and choosing the right one is an important step in building your brand. There are lots of different strategies for coming up with a domain name, but here are a couple of tips to get you brainstorming. Make easy to rememb...
Consider this spring cleaning for your real estate website! If your site has been getting spiderwebs all winter, this is a great list of ways to review it through your consumers' eyes. The more your site adheres to this list, the more likely your prospective leads will stay to browse and convert ...
Drip campaigns are an important part of your marketing plan so it’s important to get them right! I’ve written a few posts about the subject so I wanted to link them all in one place for easy reference: Tips for the perfect drip campaign Just how many different drip campaigns do you need? Are your...
If you have a customizable website then you are in control of the content for your visitors and leads. So what types of features, pages, and widgets are your clients looking for on a real estate site? Here are a couple of suggestions that you might want to add to your online presence: Hyper Local...
  It's hard to finish a work day without using some type of Google tool, but did you realize that there are over 20 free tools that Google currently offers?! If you need help doing something online, there is probably a Google tool to help you do it. If you are specifically looking for help kick s...
Drip campaigns are a great way to get your message out to your leads. But with all the legislation and technology now to combat spam you need to be sure you’re email campaigns stay spam free! Here are the basic steps you need to take to not get blacklisted: Have permission:  Make sure that the pe...
  Looking back through the Active Rain archive, I found this posting about lead conversion that I really enjoyed. Rob's main point is that the faster you can follow up with new leads the better which is so true! Follow up is critical for turning leads into clients.   So you have set up a website ...
There are tons of email and drip campaign services out there that will give you design templates for your campaigns. However, if you know a bit of Photoshop, Paint, or other design software, you can skip that monthly charge and design your own! Below is the latest example of what I've put togethe...
I posted last week about lead capture and wanted to expand on that today. This is a post by IDX Broker that explains lead capture techniques really well so I thought I would share it. And since I'm re-blogging their awesome post, I though I would also point out that they are the best IDX solutio...
There is a lot of talk about lead generation in our industry, but not much about the next step: lead capture. It’s one thing to generate traffic and bring internet browsers to your site, but how are you capturing your leads or prompting a response from them? Without a lead capture technique in pl...

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