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Well, not quite!  But it is a "Turkey Shoot" bowling event AND "Toys For Tots" Toy Drive.  If you are a Realtor® in the Omaha area make sure you don't miss this event. Hosted by the Omaha Area Board of Realtors (OABR) AFFILIATES, this annual event is a huge hit every year. And yes, ACTUAL Marines...
Perhaps the title is slightly misleading; I absolutely DETEST washing windows. But I LOVE "treating" windows. Check out my latest direct mail flier. This is an area of my business that I have been developing and it is very rewarding. There are so many creative things to be done with custom fabric...
... In A Vacant Property? The other day as I was driving home and a silly squirrel about ran under my rotating tires, I was reminded of a time awhile back during the winter when I had, "The Scariest Vacant House Encounter" of my Staging career. One of my agents had asked me to tour a vacant prope...
Are we still doing posts about our AR milestones? I haven't seen any recently, but then again I haven't been around as much as I used to be either! I am proud to say that I hit the 50k mark on AR!  Yea!!!! Is it faux pas to celebrate points now?  I can happily say that my AR experience - about on...
Seeing really is believing!  Sellers of mine want to paint their kitchen cabinets in order to update them (old, dark 70's wood) but not sure what color to use. Their appliances, flooring and countertops are all various shades of white and off-white, so painting the cabinets white or off-white wou...
I had an installation for a vacant house this week in a great neighborhood in Omaha called Happy Hollow. This is a very historic part of town and the house is beautiful. When visualizing how I wanted this house to look after Staging, I had planned to hang a three piece set of art above the sofa o...
I was Staging an occupied house the other day and was going over some general recommendations. Replace the weathered exterior light fixtures, add a welcome mat. The new paint colors are great but maybe consider replacing the yellowed vinyl in the bathrooms and the brass, builder's grade light fix...
Over the last couple of weeks I have been blessed with several Occupied Home Staging appointments and I have noticed a common sentiment among my sellers.  Many sellers, during the part of our appointment where we create/discuss the comprehensive Staging strategy (move this here, pack this, repain...
I had the pleasure of Staging an Owner Occupied home this last weekend with the quintessential "perfect Staging client". It has been awhile since I worked with one and I was pleasantly reminded of what phrases are typically used by a "perfect Staging client".  The "perfect Staging client" experie...
I have been "memed" by David Matney of Alliance Real Estate. I am not sure if this has already gone around the usual groups or not, so if it already has, please forgive me! This is a Christmas meme and there are "official" Christmas meme rules. The Christmas MeMe Rules: You have to name one gift ...

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