Isn't it amazing how fast these bank owned properties are flying off the market. I work for a REO company and it is wonderful!! Tell your clients what great deals they can get. Some of the homes really need work done on them but now the banks are paying the home owners to move out with leaving th...
I recently worked at RE/MAX. After watching the market go into so many foreclosures I decided it would be best to try to work for a foreclosure company. It was a great move. There are so many homes on the market and so many people trying to get the best deal!! We are doing a great deal of deals h...
I have reading the different blogs and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to put the pictures on my blog? Is there a certain spot to insert them?
Stop paying those monthly fees for things you don't even use! Some common items to cut: health-club memberships, vacations,gift-giving and eating out. Thank about it???? If you spend just $5.00 a day on just something little you are spending over $1,800 a year. That is just crazy!
I have a question for all of ya'll????? What do you think about HOA? As a Realtor I see the good of associations but as a home owner, what a pain the the butt. We get complaints over everything! Are community is pretty average. It is a little over a year old, not gated, no pool, not even a playgr...
Real Estate Agents, I would like to invite you to join in my Las Vegas special. I will be paying 35% for any referrals made by Real Estate Agents to Tracie Juhas of Re/Max Extreme. I am located 1 block east of the world famous Las Vegas Strip and are one of the top Re/Max's in Las Vegas. I look f...
By Jim Loney Mon Mar 26, 8:46 AM ET MIAMI (Reuters) - Gabriellee Cunningham had fallen behind on the mortgage on her modest suburban Miami home and was mired in debt when she was approached in June by a door-to-door "mortgage lender" who promised to help her.Nine months later, her $89,000 mortgag...
Hi everybody this is my very first blog attempt. I have no idea what I am doing? So if you have any advise to give give me I am a sponge right now. Are all the people on this web-site located in Las Vegas or is this nation wide? Anyways!! Thanks for having me and I look forward to bloging with ya...

Tracie Juhas Barrios

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