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 From "Translated, Localized Content" KMWorld (01/09) Britt, Phil "Atlanta-based manufacturing portal has expanded into 25 countries in less than 10 years. "Steven Roth, the company's Chief Marketing Officer, attributes part of this success to having its web portal translated into local l...
From "More E-retailers Speak Consumers' Languages" Internet Retailer (IL) (01/07/09)"Online merchants are increasingly developing their websites in additional languages in order to reach a wider audience. Many large e-retailers based in the United States are choosing Spanish as the first foreign ...
From "Kim Waddoup misses the old days.  Business was less regulated and more corrupt in Russia in 1992 when he started his first business; but it was easier to get things done by making sure the right people got paid!  "Today Kim runs AI Group, a Moscow based overseas...
 From AiGroup, Russia:  "A pre-Christmas survey on Russian overseas property buyers by Russia's leading international real estate magazine, International Residence, has produced some interesting findings. "One of the main findings indicates that the number of Russian buyers for international real...
The number one reason is the most important - so far, Russia has no reliable (if any) pension system. Recently, the Russian stock market had dropped significantly. Investing in real estate domestically doesn't seem very promising - the prices are unreasonably high and even worse - are expected to...

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