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According to Here are some photos of a recently completed private home near St. Petersburg. The modern Russian architect Igor Gremitski followed an example of one of the palaces of Catherine the Great (Russian Barocco style) for his client            
Real estate owners, developers and brokers/agents from all over the world who are interested in selling their properties to buyers from Russia - directly or through Russian real estate agents - usually have lots of questions about marketing to Russians. The most frequently asked questions are as ...
Russian independent real estate analytic center published the year-end report "Russians buy international real estate, 2009 in review". The report draws a major conclusion that the trend will grow. The analysis is based on the transactions that Russian buyers of international real estate c...
According to REAL ESTATE CHANNEL: "(MOSCOW, RUSSIA) -- Despite the downturn, the demand for European property among the Russians is steadily increasing, the Russian media reports."According to official data, currently the Russian people are the most active foreign  buyers of property in Europe, e...
According to REAL ESTATE CHANNEL: "(MOSCOW, RUSSIA) -- Demand for housing in the United States from Russians and citizens of CIS countries in 2009 increased by 250%, according to research conducted by the Moscow-based real estate agency Gordon Rock. "Most of the Russians traditionally look for Fl...
I keep getting inquiries from Russian brokers whose clients from Russia are interested to purchase properties in the USA, mostly in Florida and California so far. Everybody wants to sell of course, but a problem arises when Russian brokers ask to share a commission with them, usually 50/50. As I'...
The Russian business newspaper is the first and maybe the only so far Russian daily paper with a UK edition now. It reports that London has become a second home for so many Russians. What is happening on the market of Russian buyers now? "The image of a wealthy Russian client has ch...
 From "The INFOREAL Overseas Property Exhibition has been held on May, 16-17 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The " - International Property" portal reporters have visited the event and gathered testimonials from the participants, while the trail was still hot. "According to Rita Se...
I posted on AR just about an hour ago and now received a message from Google - the post has been picked up! That's the power of AR and Google! If you want to know online news about yourself and also who and where published anything on any topics you are interested in, sign up for Google Web Alert...
About two months ago I started the new Russian website to help real estate buyers from Russia invest in Florida. I submitted it to 4 major Russian search engines a month ago. The major Russian search engine placed it as #3 on the first page for the target ...

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