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Real Estate promotion in Russian Internet and English - Russian Translation by fully bilingual and bicultural Translator with education and experience in Tech, Science, Computers, Business, Real Estate.
From The Wall Street Journal Online : "According to a new study by the National Association of Realtors, 47% of foreign buyers were looking for a place to vacation, while 22% wanted an investment. Nearly a third cited both motives for their purchase. Though most purchased single-family homes or t...
From Daily Business Review: "With U.S. buyers in short supply, South Florida's real estate agents are in hot pursuit of wealthy foreigners. Parties at Miami's famous Versace mansion, cocktails at the Four Seasons, a visit to Trump Hollywood Tower and golf tours - that's Heather Goulding's flash t...
Some Internet facts about Foreign Buyers of real estate in the US: USA Today, 2008: "Real estate agents are increasingly courting foreigners to buy homes in the USA - hiring agents fluent in other languages, marketing to foreign buyers and in some cases, offering to pay the airfare and hotel bill...
How to evaluate the Quality of Free online translation? Some Realtors put a link on their website to a free online translation tool that should translate their content into many foreign languages with one click - it's supposed to attract foreign buyers. Before you go this route, please come to th...
Just a quick look at one buyer's rep realtor's website with a button "Translate into many languages with one click", brings such great confirmation to my previuos post: A phrase "let me know what you are looking for" turned into Russian: "препятствуйте мне знайте что вы ищете" In human translatio...
There are many posts here with advice to install this or that free online translator for a real estate site or blog. FREE is great of course, but for getting WHAT? Has anybody tried to evaluate the QUALITY of the translations that these free tools provide in a foreign language? I did. At least fo...

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