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Mistaken Foreclosures - When Will Bank of America Learn?  Several years ago, Bank of America had a reputation in the lending world of being very conservative and not willing to go out on a limb for many loans. With Countrywide doing all there shady antics and many other banks following suit they ...
Littleton Area Getting Eco Friendly Housing Complex   Wood Partners, L.L.C., co-developer of the Glass House in downtown Denver, today unveiled plans for a 280-unit, $47 million, super-energy efficient apartment community adjacent to the Aspen Grove shopping center in Littleton. This is excellent...
 McMansions - A Thing of The Past McMansion is a pejorative term for a large new house which is judged as pretentious, tasteless, or badly designed for its neighborhood. For the last 4 or 5 years the term McMansion has been in the news and on all of our minds. We have seen them and done deals on ...
The Sterling Ranch development in northwest Douglas County unveiled its latest plan for a 3,400-acre community that aims to set a new standard for private development.Situated just south of Chatfield Reservoir on the west side of Highland Ranch and Colorado 85, the 10-year-old project aims to bre...
 Who is the latest large real estate investor....Google! I recently was reading an article in Forbes magazine about how there are several large companies who are getting into real estate investing because there are such good deals out there right now. Google was the largest mentioned. Now I know ...
About 950,000 homebuyers out of an estimated 1.8 million Americans will have to repay the homebuyers tax credit they recieved. The confusion comes because homebuyers were eligible for two different credits, depending on when their homes were purchased. The IRS Inspector General released a report ...
Loan Applications Down Nationwide The Mortgage Bankers Association released new numbers this week showing loan applications are down 40% from this time last year and refinancing applications are down for the first time in 6 weeks. Refinancing is down 3% and home purchases are down 37%. A 30-year-...

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