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I share things that most of us may already know. But, couple that together with humor and the right point of view, the blog reads fast and shows both my professionalism and my character. I think you'll see me as a great fit for you and your next real estate move.



Real estate agents who help Fremont home buyers look at homes spend a lot of time out in the field. Today, I was one of the agents doing just that--spending a lot of time out in the field showing Fremont homes. My home buyers and I looked at 11 homes today. It may not be considered a lot of homes...
A short while ago, I "wrote" about a little place I was getting ready to list in The Avenues here. It was not ready to sell at that time, but it is now. Albeit there still needs to be some clean up and straightening--It's time to sell it. The last item to attend to was the kitchen sink. It had ag...

I got frustrated with somethings in the real estate business recently. One thing in particular was the fact that buyers were asking me to show them properties I knew nothing about. I got calls that went something like..."Oh Jeff, here's one I want to see." or "Jeff, can we see these. I'll send yo...
If you remember reading about Agnus from a recent post here, you might agree with us when we tell you that we collectively decided it was time to let her go from our 'current client list.' It is a rare thing to let a client go or even worse, fire a client, but there comes a time when you need to ...
If you have been on facebook, and had seen this ad you should buy a pack or two here http://www.amazon.com/. They are these clever little snaps that wrap around the end of an open bag, then you just snap the other on top. Now why didn't I think of that. Is it real estate related? No, but they sur...
Some time ago, I was at City Beach for my coed bachelor and bachelorette party. Yes, my wife-to-be was there. It was a fun time, and I especially enjoyed the bocce courts they have there. Thanks to my brother and a resource or two, I learned that the floor of the bocce court is partially made up ...
If you go to my site, http://www.tricityhome.com, you will see an iPhone app down near the bottom of the page that you can download. The application allows users to search for homes on the iPhone in Fremont and many other cities, but even better, a user can create a search criteria, save it and w...
In a Q & A I took part in, a homebuyer needed to know if his agent was a "great" agent or just there, like a lemon. My answer was abit roundabout because it can be subjective, but only up to a point. There is merit to the question. Representing a seller for example, any licensee can list a home,...
View Larger MapA colleage at my office is uprooting the family and has decided to move to La Morinda. When he told me, I sort of had that blank stare for a moment. Albeit brief, my stare was a dead giveaway that I had no idea where this "La Morinda" was. He politely explained that La Morinda is ...

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