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I share things that most of us may already know. But, couple that together with humor and the right point of view, the blog reads fast and shows both my professionalism and my character. I think you'll see me as a great fit for you and your next real estate move.
If you go to my site, http://www.tricityhome.com, you will see an iPhone app down near the bottom of the page that you can download. The application allows users to search for homes on the iPhone in Fremont and many other cities, but even better, a user can create a search criteria, save it and w...
In a Q & A I took part in, a homebuyer needed to know if his agent was a "great" agent or just there, like a lemon. My answer was abit roundabout because it can be subjective, but only up to a point. There is merit to the question. Representing a seller for example, any licensee can list a home,...
View Larger MapA colleage at my office is uprooting the family and has decided to move to La Morinda. When he told me, I sort of had that blank stare for a moment. Albeit brief, my stare was a dead giveaway that I had no idea where this "La Morinda" was. He politely explained that La Morinda is ...
If you had the opportunity to follow my blog once in a while, you already know that I am a real estate broker who sells Fremont homes. http://www.tricityhome.com. Can I sell a home in the Fair Oaks in Menlo Park area? The answer is yes. You see, if someone is in need to relocate from Fair Oaks in...
If you do not know already, there is a great Social Media tool sort of like YouTube. It's called Slideshare. http://www.slideshare.net As an agent and a broker, teaching is part of the profession. Home buyers, home sellers, licensees and myself included all benefit from being educated about real ...
A while back, I had a home for sale in Union City, and I had just finished up on a few things after an open house. I decided to drive home by way of a different street. All the while, in the back of my mind, I wondered where a poor Prudential agent's real estate sign ended up, and there it was. ...
I have a wonderful home in Parkmont for sale here at http://www.homes-in-fremont-unioncity-newark.com/ I put it at this point2home site because I want to have the home in parkmont be posted (syndicated) to 30+ websites. Well, it worked. It's out there, and we are marketing the home in Parkmont ag...
My wife and I are inviting friends over from their new home in Niles this weekend; now that school will be out for two weeks Sunday works out okay. They recently bought a home in Niles Fremont off of Easterday. We live in a Parkmont home in Fremont, so it's never too far to go for a quick visit, ...
Most home buyers for condos in Fremont are unaware of the new changes in FHA requirements. When I say requirements, I am not referring to the buyer's requirements. They seem to have remained the same, but the real change has come from somewhere else. FHA loans for condos in Fremont and everywhere...
I tweeted using Openbeak for the blackberry earlier today while I was in the Niles area of Fremont . I was on my way to meet with Pat Montellano, a purveyor of fine collectibles such as plates, cups and all things art deco like syrup dispensers over at A Time For Tea in the Niles area of Fremont,...

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