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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
Sherman Oaks Spring 69 degrees Rain Coming Really Nice Nearly dusk
Sherman Oaks, CA Day after rain Clear skies, smiles and sunshine 70 degrees In the case of considering a short sale, many Sherman Oaks homeowners consider the likelihood of a deficiency judgment.  Why won't that bank come after them for the money they've lost? In the recent past, it was highly u...
Sherman Oaks Morning - late Warming into Spring... oh so nice The San Fernando Valley teems with possibility, promises of a new and glorious horizon, anticipation of a Kansas? Kentucky victory this evening.... And then there was a deep breath and a pause... and a stress relieving exhale... Is the...
Sherman Oaks Short Sale Myths Morning Spring Nice One of my close friends is trying to get a loan modification.  His property was purchased at the height of the bubble and consequently is worth less that is owed.  The note on the property is adjustable, and my friend would like to get the loan in...
Sherman Oaks Home Buyer Looking for a Short Sale DealSherman Oaks, California Early mid late evening... not dusk Rain has cleared out the valley and the sky is bright.... the air crisp. Some interesting Sherman Oaks Short Sale Buyers have posed the opinion that they can "steal" a deal on a short ...
Westside Los Angeles Real Estate is some of the most sought after in the world.  Whether it's the Hollywood Hills or Westwood, from Brentwood to Santa Monica and a few other names that have cache around the globe... like Beverly Hills. For all the gloom and doom about the ten year low in prices a...
Sherman Oaks, CA Somewhere near Mulholland Drive. Afternoon Yep, a lazy one on a Sunday My last short sale buyer was the epitome of patience. From original offer to close took more than six months. Sometimes the deal does what it does and especially representing the buyer, the best a skilled agen...
Sherman Oaks Sunday Sun Trying to Break Through More Reasons Short Sales in Sherman Oaks get done. Another little understood fact is that the servicer to the investor, that is, the bank you have been calling about your loan, the bank that you may be assuming is the owner of the loan, may only hav...
Sherman Oaks Sunday Rainy Sherman Oaks Homes For SaleWhen Should the Bank Approve a Short Sale in Sherman Oaks?  Seems like a logical and not too tough question to ask and answer, right? Though many sellers approach the process forgetting that banks are in the business of making money... not losi...
Sherman Oaks, CA Evening on a Friday Looking out at the Valley   I had dinner with a friend the other night.  He works in another industry.  We had a wide ranging conversation about what the actual value of an agent is. He admitted that in selling, it might be the way to go... viz. to use a licen...

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An overview of the real estate market conditions and neighborhoods in and around Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.