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We offer over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate Brokerage community. We have extensive knowledge in residential and commercial Real Estate. Our goal is to provide our clients with the prompt, and precise service that is required in today's real estate market. We implement proactive and innovative marketing strategies to sell real estate by leveraging mobile advertising, apps, vlogs, blogs, micro blogs, podcasts and other medium to reach potential local, national, and global buyers alike.
Approximately half of South Florida homes that sold in December did so at a loss for the seller.  Statewide, close to half of all homes also sold at a loss in December.  It is becoming much more evident just how much home values have fallen in South Florida since the peak of the market.  With mor...
  As foreclosures begin to rise in the luxury home market, an increasing percentage of these properties are being sold at auction.    In 2009, close to 19000 homes with values exceeding $ 1 million were in some stage of foreclosure.  This represents a 160% increase from 2008.   At the same time, ...
  Seeking options for dealing with the nations increasing foreclosures, industry executives are looking at alternatives that before would have never been considered.  Citigroup, for example, is now allowing delinquent borrowers who do not qualify or refuse for existing programs to remain in their...
  It was just reported that the number of homes in the US now facing foreclosure jumped 15% in one year and that another wave of debt ridden homeowners could be adding to those numbers in the months ahead.   In 2009, approximately 2.8 million households were threatened with foreclosure.  This yea...
Financial institutions are  saddled with a potential  loss of over $300 billion or more in commercial loans that will be coming due over the next several years. These enormous losses could actually cause banks to fail and create enormous challenges for cities that will be left with abandoned buil...
   In a further sign of home market value declines and defaults,  US prime jumbo mortgage defaults reached 9.6% up from 9.2% in December of 2009. This represents the 32nd straight increase for delinquencies in jumbo mortgages.     Jumbo loans currently range from $417,00.00 to $729,750.00 in high...
 Having gone before the Miami-Dade County  property tax appeals panel to dispute property taxes, I understand how challenging it can be to get your property taxes lowered.   It all but seems that those who raised  our taxes during the boom are having a much harder time lowering these assessments ...
 Since the beginning of 2007, commercial real estate values in many parts of the country have declined anywhere from 30% to 50 %. While this has caused financial pain and loss for many. It is widely believed that once we reach an equilibrium, a pent up demand for commercial properties will return...
 Florida and California cities accounted for 17 of the top 20 cities with housing facing foreclosures in the US.  Unemployment is now creeping up as a primary reason that these numbers are increasing and the forecloses have now shifted away from speculators who are turning over properties to bank...
 As unemployment grows and the financial strains of the US homeowner widens, it is now predicted that a record 3 million homes will be repossessed by lenders this year! This is expected to be the peak year and the main reasons are unemployment, and housing values that have fallen far below mortga...

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