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We offer over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate Brokerage community. We have extensive knowledge in residential and commercial Real Estate. Our goal is to provide our clients with the prompt, and precise service that is required in today's real estate market. We implement proactive and innovative marketing strategies to sell real estate by leveraging mobile advertising, apps, vlogs, blogs, micro blogs, podcasts and other medium to reach potential local, national, and global buyers alike.
Recent surveys predict that Miami will be the worst hit market for falling real estate values in the country during 2010.  Much of Florida will experience significant declines throughout the year with Fort Lauderdale and Orlando also predicted to show big declines. It is further predicted that ou...
Uncertainty continues to dominate Florida's real estate industry.  Rising unemployment and foreclosures are two of the key factors that have a huge impact on how and when real estate sales will begin to turn a corner for the better.  It doesn't take a trained eye to notice rising vacancies and fo...
Banks and condo associations continue the battle as to when a bank should assume condo related maintenance fees for a property. Florida State law currently requires that lenders pay six months of the past-due fees or 1% of the original mortgage amount, whichever is less, when taking title to cond...
  As the economy continues to suffer and property values deflate, more and more Americans are voluntarily walking away from their homes and mortgages.  This wave of voluntary foreclosures are known as strategic defaults. It is predicted that scores of homeowners will consider walking away from th...
  News reports continue to show increases in single family real estate sales across much of the country.  These sales are occurring due in large part to very deeply reduced prices by sellers, short sales or bank owned property being sold at a fraction of previous sale prices.  At the same time, w...
 In today's stagnant economy, real estate continues to prove to be a challenge to sell in most cases.  Sellers are being forced to wait years to move there property and often at prices that they never imagined they would have to sell for.  Coming to the realization of what a property may sell for...
If you speak withy many of the leading real estate brokers in South Florida, they would have you believe that the ultra luxury market is back!!  In fact there has been an up tick in sales of homes/condo market over the $2-3M level during the past several months. However when you dig deeper, the u...
If you speak with many of the Brokers of real estate companies throughout the state of Florida, there is a feeling that buyers are returning to the market.   It seems that many documented sales have been recorded in the luxury market, especially in the 2M and above category.  There has also been ...
Sold:Auctions becoming popular alternative to sell homes By Marilyn Bowden, We've heard from members that 2008 was a sit-out year as people waited to see where the market was heading.' Chris Longly `If I had a property to auction, I would not want the gamble on an absolute auction unless I had t...
As Florida continues to deal with partially completed high rises and town home/residential communities, those who are often the first to occupy them can often face multiple challenges. Many developers have reported that due to unpaid maintenance and original buyers that have backed out of these p...

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