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Short Sales in Sarasota & Foreclosures in Sarasota - Real Estate for Sale & Information for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure - by Sarasota Short Sale Expert & Real Estate Agent Troy Funk, CDPE, SFR, who has helped many homeowners successfully stop foreclosures with short sales in Sarasota, Florida.
With approximately 1 in every 7 homeowners in the Sarasota, Florida in default on their mortgage, many homeowner's are considering a Short Sale as a possible solution to foreclosure. Here are some Quick Points that determine if a Short Sale can be successful or a waste of time: •1.  The homeowne...
In Sarasota, Florida approximately 1 in 7 mortgages are in default, meaning that at least one mortgage payment has been missed. What happens after the mortgage becomes several payments behind?  Eventually the lender (Mortgagee) of the mortgage will file a lawsuit against the homeowner (Mortgagor...
We are in a crisis right now with approximately 1 in every 7 homeowners in default with their mortgage in the Sarasota, Florida area. Noted below are some "General" benefits of a Short Sale.  Of course every circumstance is different and it is imperative to speak with a qualified Real Estate Age...
Noted below is a excellent Blog from two very sharp real estate agents from California on "Strategic Short Sales.   In Sarasota, Florida many sellers are considering Short Sale with approximately 1 in every 7 mortgages in default.   For information on Sarasota Short Sales, visit our website:  www...
Here are some interesting facts on the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) originally posted by two California Real Estate Agents.   For more information on Short Sale in the Sarasota, FL, visit our website or for information on Short Sales for Sale in Sarasota, Florida, ...
In our market area (Sarasota, Florida) 1 in every 7 homeowners with a mortgage is in default on their mortgage.   As a result, many homeowners in our area are faced with the concern of how to prevent foreclosure and resolve their financial situation.   There are many solutions that a lender coul...
Short Sale is proving to be a good answer to Stop, Avoid, and Prevent Foreclosure as many homeowners in Bradenton, FL that are facing foreclosure.  Short Sale could also be the best way to financially recover, depending on a homeowner's particular situation.  For information on the options to fo...
In Sarasota, Florida approximately 1 in every 7 homeowners are in default with their mortgage.  With the threat of foreclosure, homeowners are faced with many options to Stop, Avoid and Prevent Foreclosure. These options include Reinstatement, Forbearance, Mortgage Modification, Deed in Lieu of ...
Yes - however this is not a reason Not to complete a Short Sale. In Sarasota, Florida approximately 1 in every 7 homeowners is in default with their mortgage and will be facing foreclosure if they don't find a solution to stop the foreclosure.  A Short Sale could be a good solution to a homeowne...
In Sarasota, Florida we have an alarming number of homeowners facing Pre-foreclosure, with the decision of needing to look at a loan modification, forbearance, deed in lieu, bankruptcy, foreclosure or Short Sale.   When looking at a Short Sale, the reality is that a homeowner's property is going...

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