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Short Sales in Sarasota & Foreclosures in Sarasota - Real Estate for Sale & Information for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure - by Sarasota Short Sale Expert & Real Estate Agent Troy Funk, CDPE, SFR, who has helped many homeowners successfully stop foreclosures with short sales in Sarasota, Florida.
Sarasota, FL -As a HELOC lender, GreenTree can be the collection company from the dark side, when you are placed in the unfortunate position of having to work out a settlement to avoid foreclosure.  Greentree has been known to release liens to facilitate a short sale for 5% - 10% of the purchase...
Sarasota, FL - Are you behind on your mortgage payments and receiving ongoing calls from the lender? How to get the Lender to Stop Calling You, when facing Foreclosure. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), prohibits abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices of debt collectors in the man...
Sarasota, FL - It seems that most of the homeowners that come to me that want to complete a short sale are the result of a loan modification attempt that failed.  Yet, even during the process of trying to complete a short sale it is common for the seller to be approached or re-approached by thei...
Sarasota, FL - Having worked with many lenders, I would award Wachovia as one of my favorite lenders to work with in completing a short sale.  No offense to the other lenders out there, but they need to pay attention to what Wachovia does right and take notes.   What sets Wachovia apart from oth...
Sarasota, FL - Be prepared to wait, if you need to Short Sale your property and you have your loan through SunTrust. As a Short Sale Real Estate Broker in Sarasota, I have handled a lot of bank negotiated sales, however it is my experience that SunTrust is one of the most challenging lenders to c...
Sarasota, FL - Many homeowners are concerned their home will be sold at a price too low or not at all in a Short Sale.  The good news is that the homeowner decides what asking price to market their property for, to insure a timely sale, and which offer to accept or reject in a Short Sale.   The ...
There is no secret that people that eat healthy are generally healthier than those that don't eat right.  Same could be said about seeking wisdom, and becoming wise.  What about blogging ... Are you what you Blog about?   YES, you are! ... and here's why: What you blog about, you attract.   For E...
Is Bank of America one of the Best lenders to work with in the process of completing a Short Sale or are they one of the Worst? Sarasota, FL - A couple years ago, many Short Sale Real Estate Agents (myself included) would have considered Bank of America to be one of the worst lenders to communica...
Sarasota, FL  -  Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and "walking away" from your property may seem like the easy answer, if you are unable to locate a cash buyer to buy your property quickly and at a price you need to sell for.  There are alternatives to foreclosure, however their are also pi...
Usually when someone talks to a bankruptcy attorney, they will be advised to file bankruptcy; however this might not be the best option when other alternatives are available.  Many homeowners facing foreclosure are under so much stress, they are usually looking for a quick way out; however Bankru...

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