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Here on the Outer Banks of NC we are asked often by potential buyers, "Are there any good deals on Outer Banks (OBX) foreclosures?" We tell them, "Of course there are deals on foreclosures here in the OBX--come on down!"  ...And then we begin the litany of reasons that foreclosure buying is not f...
I just commented on a fellow poster who is a Home Inspector and I thought I'd expound a little--I LOVE Home Inspectors!  I hear other real estate agents saying how they hate Inspectors but I know there must be fellow real estate agents out there who like them too, right?  When representing buyers...
I just commented on another post and ended with the above quote, a favorite old restaurant saying that I learned as a stressed young hostess juggling waiting lists of angry, hungry would-be diners waiting (too long) for their tables. I can't cite my source because it was 20 years ago and I can't ...
Our market centers on a tiny strip of sand bordering the Atlantic Ocean called the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  You could say we are part of "hurricane central" which can mean occasional flooding.  Here, as you can imagine, we live by the FEMA special flood hazard zones.  The flood insurance c...
Why has ceramic tile become the end-all and be-all "upgrade" for residential sales?  Am I missing something?  IMO (and MO is not worth much, I know) it's breakable and break-causing, cold and dirty, and an excuse to say you have something better than the Smiths because of course the Joneses alrea...
Corolla ocean side real estate sold market analysis.During the time frame between Sep 1 2007 and Dec 31 2007 there were 20 residential properties sold through the Outer Banks Association of Realtors. The median price was $667,500 and the average price was $808,375 with 185 days on the market bein...

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