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Tucson REALTOR®, Dan Grammar of RE/MAX All Executives and Tucson's Lender, Jason Rose of NOVA Home Loans, pull no punches with Straight Talk on Tucson & Southern Arizona's Real Etate Market, National & Global Economics, and Marketing & Advertisment strategies in current market conditions. Come listen to the knowledge, experience and expertise of some of Tucson's Finest!
Ok, folks, so I decided to leave everyone in a lurch wondering what is going to happen to "That Guy", in my usual blog posting. You know what they say..."Always leave them wanting more!" Actually, my reason for deviation is purely inquisitive in nature. I have posted twice to RE/MAX re...
Ok, so the last time we left, "That Guy", he had been summond to the office of "The Boss". We enter today's blog with "That Guy" questioning everyone he can corner at the water cooler, as to why "The Boss" suddenly wished to see him. He pointed out to anyone that would listen (mostly as they were...
Ok, so the last time we left, "That Guy", he was tending a paper cut, created by the last paper football game and was mulling over the question of his Job Title vs. Fiduciary Responsibilities to his employer, "The Bank". Scratching the top of his head, moving the hideous comb-over hair aside and ...
Short sales! Short Sales! Come Get Your Short Sales!  Get 'em while they're hot!Sound familiar?  I must get 20 emails a day trying to solicit my attendance to some class or seminar to teach me how to properly complete a short sale transaction.  *Ho, Hum*, I'm nearly bored already. Actually, truth...
Ok...Round 2...*ding*, *ding*, and it's on! Referencing the second post??? Nope...'just the feeling that I've gone rounds in a fight with "The Champ". I had this really deep post I was intending to post this evening, as my second ever post. I was truly excited! Alas, frustrated to no end by the i...
Hey Tucson!!! What happened to the Real Estate Market of "old"?When I hear folks bemoaning the fact that their neighbor sold there house for a $100k profit, having only owned it for 2 years, I say..."EXCELLENT!!! What a great investment choice that person made!  He followed the time-tested model ...

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