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When I built my first website I had no idea what the heck I was doing, I went out and found an affordable real estate template website provider and signed up; the .com I wanted wasn't available to I just bought the .org. What the heck, I wanted the name and back then we didn't have .us, .xxx, .in...
Clinton Lake offers many enjoyable activities, but what some may not be aware of are the horseback riding trails on the South side of the Lake. Rockhaven Park is part of the Clinton Lake area maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Park is set up perfectly for horses and riders who trai...
Not sure how this one got dated today, I wrote it a long time ago. A cool day in Scotland, like most days in Scotland it was hazy, I had sold my prized 1969 Chevelle Convertible for air fare to chase after a Scottish girl I had met on the beach in Florida. She was a tall blond who had been a ball...
      Before writing this I read some other blogs on AR about single listing sites, most talked up the advantages but few told you how or when to use them. Frankly most single listing sites are hardly even seen by the major search engines and really the only advantage is to impress your clients. ...
How in the world did a guy from a small family owned company in Kansas City make Loopnet's top 100 list? Hard Work! is arguably the most important and trafficked website for commercial real estate in the world. Whats more it owns the top search engine ranking for several other categor...
By now most real estate agents have at least one website, many have more than one; that coupled with all the other social networking tools and blogs we use, we are all pretty plugged into the cyber world. Oddly enough I still see agents out there who are still relying on a sign in the yard and an...
One of my pet peaves is looking for a property for a client and finding that the agent only posted one or maybe three photos. It really baffles me that so many never even bother to post one photo on the MLS. I know, your busy but really the single most common question from a prospective buyer is ...
For years I have used Craigslist to advertise all of my listings, both for sale and for rent. I have also often posted my real estate services in the "services" section. A  recent study showed that nearly a third of real estate buyers us Craigslist! Recently my account was put on hold, after many...
A few weeks ago my granddaughter sent me a message on Facebook, she wanted to make sure I did not leave her out of our annual sled riding event. Being a true redneck sled riding at my house usually involves several sleds hooked up behind a 4-wheel drive vehicle hauling ass through the horse pastu...
So tonight I decided to watch this huge hit movie Avatar, since it was free on cable. I tuned in late, the movie had already started. About ten minutes into the movie I saw the theme... Evil white guys were raping, pillaging and plundering the wonderful earth worshiping blue hippies who were at o...

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