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The word on the street is that the Real Estate Commission in Maryland is tired of all the agency-related complaints.  So they are going to assume you are guilty rather than wasting time on investigations, hearings, etc., unless you come back with a strong defense. So what have we been doing wrong...
I work in the Greater Baltimore area mostly and activity is moderate.  Generally, our sellers are reducing prices and buyers are buying. But what is REALLY interesting is that, once April 30 was past, my business picked up tremendously!  Go figure.  Its almost like that $8,000/$6,500 incentive wa...
Hmmmmm.....  There's an awful lot of truth in this.  It is common "knowledge" that banks make more money on a short sale than on a foreclosure.  Soooo, when you have homeowners who are clearly headed down the road to foreclosure, why in the world wouldn't the banks be anxious to do a short sale i...
Recent requests for BPO's have asked me to comment on "the potential impact to current inventory levels in the event mortgage insurance availability decreases."  Are they crazy?  Mortgage insurance exists because buyers don't have money for a downpayment.  Is something going to happen to get them...

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