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Just had a one of these loans that has been going since October fall apart. ( shocking ) After three different loan officers and many questions unanswered my buyers have had enough of this delay. They moved on and  vowed never to get invloved with one of these loans again. Im exhausted too.. haha
Just taslked to some buyers that were telling me HOW the market is and what property can be bought for and what it will sell for later.  Not sure where they get thier figures and numbers. makes me scratch my head. I wish they could be bought for what these people think, i'd bought all i could alr...
  How many of you have had a client send a offer on one of your listings to a attorney who is NOT familiar with your state promulgated forms? Never fails they screw the whole thing up with thier idea of how they want the contract written?  Its so annoying to get a contract back with scratchouts a...
I have a friend that does BPOS and alot of them about 120 a month and has for almost 10 years.. She did one on a listed house the other day and the listing agent proceeded to try to tell her all the rules and how cool he is and how smart he is.... blah blah blah. This other agent had to guts to s...
     I had the displeasure of showing a house the other day and it appeared a real gem from the curb. Then when we walked closer to the house we noticed a all famliar smell,, Guess what?  Cats !!  The people with me didnt say much about it, when we opened the door it was a shocking blast of foul ...
 I was just reading the other day that they have changed the requirements for going from a salesman license to brokers license in Texas.  You use to have to have your salesman license two years before you qualified to take the brokers test, They raised it where you have to have a salesman license...
   I have posted something similiar to this subject before, But why on earth cant agents take DECENT pictures of houses for MLS?  Its worse that some dont put pictures at all,which is unacceptable to me. Makes showing the property a shot in the dark,  I have had clients not wanting to look at cer...
I do a lot of BPO's and have for almost 20 years .  The thing lately is that when you submit the BPO and then the asset company or who sent the BPO, kicks it back saying they have better comps they have found on Zillow or where ever and want me to replace my comps.. Havent they figured out that I...
Has anyone ever been cursed with that parasite virus Internet Security 2010? This is the worse one i have ever had on a computer. It even ask for a credit card number to download the program to fix it.. If you ever see the words Internet Security 2010, run...  Im very thankful it wasnt my main co...
  How many of you that do BPO's on rural property have trouble making the asset companies understand your information? Useing the same BPO form for rural properties as surbuban properties makes it so hard to reflect the true information about a property thats located in the middle of nowhere.  So...

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