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Infrared Thermal Imaging Infrared imaging provides important information relating to otherwise inaccessible areas of a residential building. Infrared detects extremely small but crucial differences in temperature from one area of a house to another. These temperature variations show up on the ca...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONI did an inspection of a Condo unit with exterior stucco walls. The joints were bowing out, cracking and damaged spots noted. Found moisture (with meter and visible stains) in various location in the interior sheetrock. Then found some more moisture damage, st...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION Asking about the price of a home inspection is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. Many people assume that all inspectors are equal and the next best thing is to find out which one has the lowest price. But the truth is, not all Inspectors ...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION I have seen some of my Clients start up a business in some old buildings in order to save money.  What they did not realize were the hidden aspects of the repair process and the discovery was sometimes more than they bargained for.When dealing with an old bui...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONQuestion Hi, I have a Q reg buying a home with some consideration of build date. I.e.; abstetos was banned in 79' I believe, lead paint same date. Do you have any opinion in other factors, such as quality of materials, earthquake laws for constructions that ma...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONShould the Inspector educate the Client beyond just stating what he can see? Yes. We should write the report to include education about potential problems that may develop or that cannot be seen by our visually limited inspection. Even at the risk of inflaming...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION Only about 30% of a home's heating system is reviewed by the local gas provider if they are called out for a seasonal start-up. This leaves 70% of the review of the heating system to the homeowner or possibly to untrained personnel.   Heater venting systems ar...
 John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION The "Deal Killer" Debate Continues at this link: thread will give you more insight and information on how Realtors and Inspectors see the Inspection process than an all day educational coarse.  Very inf...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION Are your energy bills too high? Is your home not as comfortable as you want it to be? Do you want to do more to protect the environment? Do you have teenagers at home giving your hot water bill a beating? Whatever your situation, this will help you to find a s...
John McKennaAMERICAN HOME INSPECTION Log homes may be site-built or pre-cut in a factory for delivery to the site. Some log home manufacturers can also customize their designs. Before designing or purchasing a manufactured log home, you need to consider the following for energy efficiency: The R-...

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