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Regardless of where market trends are at any given moment, the real estate industry is always booming. In 2018 alone, over 250,000 professional entities operating in the residential and commercial sectors generated close to $240 billion in sales.From traditional real estate agencies and flat-fee ...
Your real estate business is a dynamic enterprise with a constant flow of information, buyers and sellers. Keeping all of the data intact and accessible is a crucial element for closing sales faster.If you're looking for IT services Atlanta real estate firms need, Centerpoint IT is the logical ch...
In this modern age, more companies are relying on technology to help their businesses grow. From computers to fast food, they know that they have to keep up with the changing times. According to, in 2018 alone: Facebook had 2.2 active billion users, even despite it being banned in ma...
Real estate firms are improving the effectiveness of their long-term strategies by implementing the managed IT services Houston businesses of all sizes use to make them function on an equivalent level of other enterprises. Real estate brokers realize failure to implement advanced technological im...
Real estate lawyers, arguably, depend on technology more than most any other type of attorney. They need to research titles and property history online. They use technology to produce documents involved in the closing. And, as with most law fields, technology also helps to communicate with client...
Real estate agents often find themselves out of the office, meeting with clients and showing available space. There's little time to manage IT issues that arise.Boutique real estate agencies need secure and reliable access to data and the ability to connect with colleagues to stay on top of the f...
Mistakes happen all the time online.  Even us professionals make the odd error in judgement from time to time. Shawne Duperon and I joined forces just during the Christmas break to record a 60 minute teleseminar on the 63 Top Social Media mistakes. You will want to get out your pen and piece of p...
There is a lot of hype around Facebook, Twitter and social media in general.  The last twelve months have seen a huge uptick in the use of social media in the real estate community. Let's focus on Facebook.  I believe that Facebook presents the best opportunity for REALTORS to use social media to...

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