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Referrals are the lifeblood of the real estate and mortgage industries. The percentage of transactions that are initiated through personal referrals from friends, family, past clients and other sphere of influence members is staggering. Anyone who desires a long and profitable career in the real estate industry should actively pursue referral strategies that are cost-effective yield high results. I'll be posting referral marketing strategies that have worked for me over the last 15 years of highly successful real estate industry experience.
Before rushing out to buy a bunch of new appliances for you home in an attempt to go green, you might want to learn what “going green” really means.  It’s not about getting the “right” appliances or the right light bulbs. Going green is a state of mind… Homeowners generally decide to go green for...
Today I want to share with you a great website to find out where your milk comes from. I was introduced to this website through a good friend of mine Ric De Luca who is an awesome real estate and management coach. He sends out a weekly group of technology tips and interest items and this was one ...
I attended the ActiveRain Rain Camp in Portland, OR today. I learned a lot of great marketing tips that I’ll be sharing over the next couple of weeks. I’d highly recommend attending one of these workshop events as they are well worth the very low cost to attend. You will learn all sorts of great ...
With all of the talk about being environmentally friendly, green certified, and Eco-chic I thought I'd take a moment to share a bit about energy conservation.  A great place to start is with your home insulation.  Heating and cooling a home account for about 56% of the energy use in a typical U.S...
Ultimate Home Journal believes in agents growing their business on repeat business and referrals. A good method for referral generating can save you large amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on advertising. So here are some ideas on ways you can build relationships and keep yourself in...
There are so many ways to build your business. When working in the real estate field, you are inundated on an almost daily basis with someone or some company trying to sell you on the newest, fast, easy way to market for more clients. Do you want to always be chasing after new clients, or would y...
Christmas is getting closer, and real estate transactions might be slowing down. As real estate professionals run into potential cash flow problems, they might be tempted to stop handing out gifts to their clients. Many look at gifts as budget items that just aren't critical or think they have to...
Nowadays, how can you capture the attention of your buyers or sellers? By building a relationship with your clients, and teaching them to remember you. It’s about communicating with them after the sale. People buy a home based on emotions. They will also refer you to others based on their emotion...
Mortgage loan origination is a unique business which requires trust and confidence by the potential client early on in the relationship.  In fact, the first two minutes of the initial meeting are critical to establishing the tone of the entire mortgage transaction and future client relationship. ...
I've subscribed for a few years to a great daily email from a tremendous success story.  Jeff Young continues to overcome the personal tragedy of his diagnosis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 1983.  He does an outstanding job of commenting on the success quotes that he ...

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