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Someone sent me a question on Facebook about renting to own.    I do have a friend who like many other people got caught up in some nonsense with a "rent to own" here in Cape Coral and wound up losing a tremendous amount of money.   He hadn't come to me to review the paperwork first.   Had he eng...
Today I emailed a final HUD to Countrywide/BOA to the person I was told was the closing coordinator for one of my short sales.  He signed it and faxed it back within hours. I'm shocked amazed and relieved, we're closing FRIDAY!!!    
I moved to Cape Coral FL to become a Realtor because of the incredible opportunity presenting itself here. We have a booming rental market due to so many factors. On of the hottest areas in this market are buying investment homes for rental income.    Great deals and with investor loans at in the...
If ever an address is too new for google maps you can always find it on the Lee County Property Appraiser website. Usually this isn't so much of a problem for Cape Coral, however sometimes in Fort Myers or Lehigh Acres, there will be a new street or development that hasnt yet been cataloged by Go...
I couldn't agree more with the second respondents statement attitude about "who is this NewsPress and why are they spending our money"    What a diatribe I'd written last week in response to this article in favor of the Utility Expansion Program...Here's the pro project article from last week and...
These are truly "why rent when you can own for the same or a lower payment" days.    Surely still as the foreclosures shake out, those borrowers bearing a foreclosure on their record will not be able to own again for quite sometime.   They'll be looking for a house for rent. The low prices of the...
   Alot of folks have asked me about what the future holds with respect to utility assesments....  My thoughts are that they'll be further in the future than originally expected and cost less than in the past.  Here's a link to the latest News Press article on this issue...and some of the other i...
Folks this one is great!!   Type in any adress and find what schools, restaurants etc are close by!
Boy oh I excited to see this happening...and "no money down" sounds fishy....lil bit! HOWEVER...NOW .... HERE in Cape Coral...I just put up a rental listing for a 3/2.   It's got large bed rooms, but a cramped kitchen, no pool, and no enclosed porch area.   It's $1000 a month.      I've...
Every day I see short sale listings sitting on the market while the buyers pass them by, they don't want to waste their time.....the foreclosure proceedings move forward, the lawyer bill gets fatter....This market has taken the real estate community by surprise...I feel lucky to have been prepare...

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