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never ending SEO saga!  Helpful info to keep in mind posted by my business colleague.  Helpful tips to keep in mind as we travel down this rabbit hole  I'll be honest, this drives me nuts! When I research a community or area and find the first 10 spots on Google with NO CONTENT! What? Doesn't thi...
This Florida Real Estate Connector was WOWed once again keeping up with technology.  Speaking geek is certainly a challenge in addition to your regular day job!  Peter Mark explains what is new and why we need to pay attention if we have interactive websites.  Florida residential real estate and ...
Another rreason I am a member of #ActiveRain commmunity because our members share and care about our respective real estate business.  Peter Mark is giving us much needed NOW information to add to our arsenal of safety and security for our real estate domains and continued prosperity.  Even if yo...
Florida real estate sales and listing may flourish should you take advantage of this wonderful head-spinning opportunity to stay the course for your real estate marketing!  Katerina Gasset provides a done for your service that keeps you on top of ever changing waves of information that we rely on...
 There are 30 cities in Broward County, Florida    Single Family Home sales are down -10.5% from last year4 month supply of inventory - down 4.9% = 5,310 homesdays on market down 5% = 41     Condos and townhome sales are down -8.9% over last year6 month supply of inventory - down 1.6% = 8,383 pro...
Such an invigorating atmosphere attending this type of networking event John Meussner We so appreciate your thoughts and feedback on your takeaways. Most buyers have no clue what is in store once they have a signed contract and more importantly the challenges that require solutions along closing ...
My friend and business colleague, John Meussner attends events that increase his revenue and ability to continue to be of service to buyers who need loans.  He also shares within his #ActiveRain community and the public so we get a handle on the day-to-day business we engage in to help buyers rea...
The fate of the American Farmer needs our help in getting the word out about saving our fa mily farms and insuring we have a clean food source to feed our nation.  Farming is not an easy job.  There are too many layers of folks with their hands in the pot of proceeds for the farmer to continue in...
Palm Beach real estate market activity was discussed in detail at yesterday's ACTIVE RAIN meetup    Surf's up at Deck 84 Delray Beach, Florida USA  Lou Ludwig Active Rain Millionaire Janice Zultman, Nestor & Katerina Gasset Active Rain Millionares and their  star baseball player son, TristanElyse...
 The metro Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market has a four month inventory of single family homes and six months for condos.  Realtor Blue Tuesday some of us took the opportunity to break away and network amongst our fellow professionals at Kaluz, a waterfront restaurant, that allows us to enjoy th...

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