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Today is September 11, but you already know that. It's strange how something so huge can entirely change your life, and then with time it slowly fades into the background until something triggers those memories bringing them all flooding back. It's been long enough that I had almost forgotten wh...
So on top of everything that has happened lately (the dentist, the hospital, etc.). . . . . my phone died. So by all rights of a tenant of Miserydom I should be wailing up a storm and venting my spleen to the heavens about life's unfairness. But instead, I'm actually really happy about it! Why? ...
So after the rather looooooooong weekend that just happened, I thought that a post with a more inspirational tone to it was in order. ;) One of my good friends from high school had a saying that used to drive everyone crazy. It seemed like when things got tough, inevitably she would look at you a...
So some of you have probably noticed that I have been totally absent from AR for a couple of days. Do you want to good news or the bad news first? Well, it's the weekend so I'll start with the good news! ;) The Good News: I'm fine, and I will be back to blogging regularly very soon. I'm just taki...
    Have you ever noticed how children tend to repeat what they hear and see? My daughter did something that I thought was odd and slightly puzzling the other morning. . . .until I realized that I did the same thing on a daily basis! She walked into our master bathroom, kicked the bath mat out o...
In my apartment complex (as I'm sure such is the case in every apartment complex) the beautiful green lawns are watered by a sprinkler system. . . . Ours is just a little more unique than most! There are a few rules to remember about the sprinkler system, that if you should forget them you will ...
It's so nice to have people that worry about you! But on the flip side, it's really not nice to cause them worry. So on that note, I'm letting everyone know in advance. . . . I'm going to the Dentist today.  *funeral dirge starts playing the the background* I know, I know! Modern dentistry has ma...
It's been a while since I posted a Trunk Monkey commercial and I thought that it was about time for a new one. Besides. . . . It's Monday, and everyone can just a good laugh on Monday's! ;) Do have have a neighborhood full of young hoodlums? Are you afraid for your car's paint job and for your wi...
  Did you ever have one of those days (or in this case weeks) that nothing seemed to go right? When it seems like nothing you do turns out right and the rest of world is out to get you? I'm having one of those weeks. Yesterday started out to be one of those days. I had just found out the day bef...
I just realized that I neglected to post a list of the blogs from the webinar so that everyone would know who I was talking about. . . . .  having your face completely numb and a partial root canal tends to make you forget about pretty much anything else in life! So, if you are not on here, I sti...

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