Looking to put down some roots this year? In most regions, fall is the time to plant a tree. Why should you consider planting a tree? Well, besides being beautiful and providing shade, trees positively alter the environment in which we live by moderating climate, improving air quality, conserving...
 Welcome, I invite you to Breathe Easy!  I have been a member of the ActiveRain community for many years. I've written a LOT of blog posts in that time - 345 to be exact! (Thanks AR for keeping track!) I think I have a somewhat unique writing style; and as a result, I don't always find the right ...
Buying a home is exhilarating. It is not only a time of excitement and joy, but also a time for making decisions and to-do lists. The home inspection is a very important step in that process, but for some it can be a bit scary. Really us? No! Please don't be scared of little ol' me :) Here are so...
If you answered yes to the above­, no problem! Sure, some things have changed since you last listed or bought a home; but the real estate-related services now available are new and ex­citing. Below are some of the things you can expect along the way regarding the most common real estate-related h...
What is grading? Well, we aren't taking about red pens and gold stars!All across the country it seems to be that time of year--back to school time! Backpacks and notebooks are lining the shelves of our neighborhood retail stores and school buses are busy on the streets. But September is also a gr...
Are you selling your home? Let's start counting down to your closing! Here are some home preparation tips for each stage in the selling process. Prior to Listing. Now is a great time to evaluate the house and decide what repairs or improvements are necessary before the home is ready for the marke...
Selling your home and keeping it “show-ready” is difficult enough for most folks, but toss a few teenagers, a toddler or a baby into the mix, and it’s bound to send stress levels sky-rocketing. But have no fear, with the tips below you can tame the kid clutter and ease the process for the whole f...
Do you plan to list your house this spring? Now's a great time to fix odds and ends around the home. There are always a few things around the house that you can live with that buyers can't and WON'T! And that could make your house harder to sell. Find out what the 10 worst offenders are now! 10 T...
Clutter is not only an issue for homeowners it can become a big problem when owners become sellers when it comes time for them to move on. Here are 10 ways clutter may be keeping you from selling your home!1. Your closets look small and inefficient.If you have clutter in your closets, it is most ...
What is your front door saying to buyers? Could it be closing the door on your sale before your buyers even set foot in the home? Here's how to ensure that your front entry is propelling your home to sale!    Posted By: US Inspect Blog

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