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Normally in a residential real estate deal, a thirty day, forty-five day escrow is common. It is not uncommon to hear of escrows running for 5-6-7 months if there are contengencies. This last week I took the challenge of a five day escrow. Why? The people selling, wanted to more now. The people b...
I believe that models are very important. You know this is the prototype of how the thing works before you sit in the pilots set and take off at Mach speed. This is the MAP you use to get around the streets. And to continue with that analogy- the map is not the territory, but a good map will help...
House Master's is a company that performs home inspections.  When it is convenient or needed, I attend a home inspection.  This time the home is a constructed in 1953. I would rather have the surprises now, up front than in the middle of escrow. My clients agreed. We also felt it was important to...
I am a powerful Agent.I Make appointments, Keep appointments, Convert appointments and Service Appointment.I have what it takes to be highly productive in real estate.I have what it takes to overcome an obstacle and turn it into an opportunity.I am Positive.I read inspiring books of great people....
Consider The Following,  A Home inspection performed by HouseMasters. ( I know that house inspections is a non regulated industry- be careful who you pick) I spent four hours with Scott and Brian and the owners of Pine Ridge in Apple Valley. Eight Sets of eyes looking at almost everything. We dis...
I have a pleasant and go along personalityOne of the keys to forming a nicely aggresive personality is the ability to meet someone else eye to eye.  Remember, you don't have to stay there.
Tuesday, March 6, 2007Getting a Power Team For Investing First Power team meeting!There are a few things that will make it successful andseveral things that will make it fail.Here are a few suggestions to put together a real estate power team:1) Pick your peopleDo you rapport with them?Do they ha...
My Broker Julie Linden of Exit Desert Ocean Realty is an over achiever.  She Recently invited several realtors from our office to attend the Presidents' Circle Luncheon.  Bill Porter Presidents' Circle Chairman Officiated.Brent Wood, Victor Valley College Art Department shared on the changing nee...

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