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Have you Taken a drive out to Twentynine Palms lately? I have. What a surprise. In Victorville were I work we have the remains of the old, closed George air-force base. Yesterday I drove by the military housing. True is has not been maintained for 16 years. But what hit me was the size and qualit...
Have you heard that phrase- give them the benefit of the doubt? or give him the benefit of the doubt? I have trained myself to approach people with the basic philosophy of believing something good about another person. When we work professionally in Real Estate in California the DRE says that we ...
From the very start, I will confess some real ignorance at the issue of zoning. Don't get me wrong, I understand that every town, like Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville should/must have a master plan. I know that the primary purpose of the current zoning map and future zoning map as part of a m...
I have a great friend who talks in glowing terms about open houses. How effective they are. How fun they are. How many people you get to met. I have another friend who talks in distastful terms about open houses. Sitting their stuck in a room like some kind of spider waiting for the unsuspecting ...
This is not a new concept however it is a concept which is not easily executed for various reasons. Keller Williams does not use the most used home search engine on the  Starbucks doesn't have commercials. If you are not sure just try to find one. You won't see any. And if you vi...
Do you know your Mayor? Let me introduce you to ONE of  the five most influential High Desert Leaders. He has  a vision of what their city should be. He understands that many different forces are impacting the High desert.For the City of Adelanto: Mayor Charlie Vasper. What would surprise you abo...
I recieved this outline from one of my Lenders. It is all about High Trust Selling. This is a book written by Todd Duncan. He has also written Killing the sale: the ten fatal mistakes salespeople make and how to avoid them. Here are the Six laws of High Trust Selling:Law 1 - The Law of the Iceber...
I have a goal in mind. It is a huge level playing field of agents all working for the same purpose. The sale of real estate more effectively through the cooperation of agents. It is interesting to me that in the State of California the sale of real estate is not an adversarial sport. In other wor...
Just a list of names.  Some ot them you will know and recoginze others are lesser lights yet maked the history of this town Called Apple Valley. You will remember Clark Gable. and He was an acadamy award winning actor Born 1901 and died 1960. Romance and Rumors about his visits to the Yucca Loma ...
I believe  life is stronger than death.I believe hope is stronger than despair.  I believe peace is stronger than chaos. I believe order is stornger than disorderI believe in the goodness of God. I believe God is Good all the time.I believe in  the Resurrection. I believe the power of starting ov...

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