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Two Hours of Presentation and interview with Danny Morel of Telos. Troy McClain was more than able to hold his own with home spun wisdom, an uncanny knack for the market and a dream of being big.He simply told his story. Like some of the best teachers of all times, he dressed the statement, the p...
Spray a foam, it is a mixture at the right temperature with the right consistency and for a flat roof you have created a water tight roofing environment. Richard and I were talking, looking over the finishing marks of the repairs to the Pine Ridge house and the total re-roofing of the backyard ba...
What is the difference between certification of a roof and warranty of a roof.  Richard is also a home appraiser. Therefore his knowledge base is more than just roofs. He has endured the 2000 hours of field instruction under the guidance of another appraiser who "knows that he is training his com...
First, Daniel broke his phone, cell phone in half. Not to bad, since it still worked but not good since it wasn't designed to function that way. So Marcia says,"time to get a new phone Val and give yours to your son." Well, since I am very frugal, I will think about it. However, in the back of my...
First of All This is a Commercial, an Advertisement, an Announcement, a Broadcast,a sound-byte, a reel Clip, Etc.One of the listing under Exit Desert Ocean Realty Broker-ship needed a new roof. Not the whole thing but a significant part. Not considered a replacement but a fix. Almost half of the ...
If you have been in Real Estate for any amount of time, you have run across the "1031" Exchange.  You already know that a client exchange their real estate investment has a 45 day identification period and a total of 180 days to complete the transaction through a QI. You know that there are some ...
To say it was a great time filled with AHA's just doesn't say enough. There is anticipation in the air. There is one of Austin's Finest Guitarist Van Wilks on Stage and it is only 8:00 am in the morning. Already I am out of my normal meeting box.Gary Keller the co author of Million Dollar Agent i...
My phone rings.  It is a lead sales person for a company that promises, "We will put you on the front page of MSN, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ETC"  After several minutes of listening and showing "interest" and "curious" I am handled over to a closer "senior project manager"  He proceeds to lead me through a ...
I received a call from a man interested in becoming an agent with Exit Desert Ocean REalty in the Victorville area of California. We had met once. At Fed Ex. He has been in business for years with various fields of endevor.What impressed me was his comments about my business card, This might be i...
I attended a very interesting meeting this last Thursday morning. It was called the Automatic Market. The event was open to all realtors and sponsored by Chicago Title. The speaker was frank. He spoke about the difficulties that you and I as realtors face in any market.About he excuses we make. t...

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