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Have you ever worked a Kiosk?Have you ever worked the mall for Leads?Have you ever had twenty to Thirty Thousand people pass you each day? Possible Leads that are either Sellers, buyers or investors?Have you ever had someone pick your business card off the desk when you weren't there and call you...
Step Number One: CutCuts your costs, Take a look at what you are spending, Cut, Cut, Cut. If it doesn't produce you return money Cut it. If it is over head cut it. If you can have a parttime person handle it cut it, If you can get one person to do the jobs of 2 or 3 do it.Step Number Two: TalkDon...
If you are a listing agent, having a home display book giving basic facts about the listed home is more and more essential. It will help to cause a prospective client to linger in the home a little longer than the average 4-5 minutes. That lingering is Sticky Power on the internet. It is simply p...
I was driving on the way to a Cardinals and Rams game in Phoenix AZ.  When you think Phoenix AZ you need to realise it is really Glendale AZ just off the 101 in case you were thinking that this might be in downtown phoenix it isn't.Now, let me back up,  I was there yesterday, getting the tickets ...
The Real Estate Market in Shenandoah is very stable. If you bought a home in the 1980 a $40,000  in the 1980's and today that home will sell for $80,000. (However when you think of homes there you will find a range of home prices between $12900 to 349000. When you visualize a home think  3 bed an...
If you are reading this, then you are either an agent thinking about getting out or you are an out agent or you are someone who knows an agent on the way out.All your Time and money and effort. All your learning and paying of dues and showing up to things that your broker said would be good for y...
Who Helped to populate Twentynine Palms? Is there a name that could be mentioned? Yes, there is. His name is Dr. James Luckie. (what a nice name. I would go to a doctor named Dr Luckie) He is credited by the 29 Palms community with helping to bring numerous amounts of people there. These People a...
Today, I visited a Sister office in the High Desert. An Exit office.  The conversation was around a single issue.How are we going to survive the downturn in the market. What do we need to do. How much longer will it be. As we talked in the door came one of the local lenders. Well he used to be a ...
I stopped by one of the Local Apple Valley Churches. I have in the past visited this church for one of its special occasion services.The Purpose of  This Church is: To love and worship God and Build real relationships with Jesus and others as we reach, treach and prepare people for God's Service....
In this Blog a few Highlights on 29 Palms. Things you know and things that might surprise you.  The TortoiseThe Observation Post Boasts a Tortoise on the Front Of the September 21,2007 issue. A combination of NREA and TRACRS serve to help this Desert character survive.  The Observation Post is a ...

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