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Baby Boomers Casta del Sol is going out to eat!! That doesn't sound like much, but for me it is because I do a lot of the work to get the parties planned and organized. Having a party off sight is easy and I don't have to work! We will be going to Claim Jumper in Mission Viejo at the corner of Ma...
From Beyound the Headlines and Reported in the Wall Street JournalMany housing economists have said that for borrowers with stable incomes, good credit history, and FICO scores of at least 620, now is an opportune time to purchase a home. Although inventory rates are below the long-run average, t...
Want to pass on the word that one of our members needs help!Please reblog this post so that we can help get the word out about Denise Shockey's family's tragedies.  Denise Shockey is very near and dear to my heart. She is one of the agents that I have had the privilage to coach. We even have spli...
 Lenders are afraid of prices going lower, so they want to make sure that there is enough equity in a property to ride though future rough spots, hence why appraisals are coming in low.  This can make for problems with a transaction in this market.  Even when buyers are willing to purchase and se...

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