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News and Information about Casta del Sol an active adult community located in Mission Viejo, CA.



It is the end of the year and I want to take this time to say "THANK YOU" to all the agents that I have had the privilege of working with this year. I can honestly say not one of them was differcult to deal with. Some of them had a bad day once in a while but who hasn't. We worked together to clo...
Wanted to share with you a new report out in the LA Times. It is warning seniors to make sure they understand all the fees and interest that a Reverse Mortgage includes. Unless there is no other alternative, it is not advised for seniors to use the equity in their home in this maner. Older Homeow...
On The Water in Mission Viejo, CA  Where else can you live on a lake, in one of the safest cities, unreal view in every direction and have unbelievable weather. All the fun activities such as swimming, fishing and boating right outside your back door. Lakefront living at it's best.  Available ri...
We know that in the next few months is when owners start thinking of  to put their homes on the market.  Clients need to know the basics for listing their house on the market and it is up to us to provide that information to them. Teach the basics right from the start, during the presentation so ...
As you can see there has been a large addition of properties come on the market in Laguna Hills since August. Sales were holding steady till November. This isn't anything different from most years. Sometimes looking at a graft explains it better than other forms.    
Just did a check on how the market in my area is doing. I work out of Mission Viejo, CA Population is over 95,000 Total Active on the market        9/23//10- - 296 detached houses.               12/2/10- - 393 detached houses. Short Sale Active        9/23/10- -95 out of 2296                     ...