FHA commissioner David Stevens announced yesterday that FHA will increase their annual mortgage insurance premium effective April 18, 2011.  This move is designed to help strengthen their capital reserves and stabilize the housing market. What that means to you, as a buyer, is that if you are ob...
I've been telling buyers and sellers for weeks now to make a move.  Sellers stand to face tough competition from a pending tsunami of foreclosures.  Buyers who think that they may want to wait to see if prices go any lower, well, guess what?  You've already waited too long.  Look at this chart fr...
This graph is very telling.  Real estate in the long term is a good investment. I love Donald Trump's quote from last week:  “I’m pretty sure this is a great time to go out and buy a house. And if you do, in 10 years you’re going to look back and say, ‘You know, I‘m glad I listened to Donald Trum...
Based on current market statistics, it's becoming more and more evident that there's a 60-90 day window for sellers to get their homes listed for sale and under contract.  After that time period, foreclosures that are currently being held up by lenders who are reviewing their practices and protoc...
It's FINALLY a sunny day in Dallas, Texas.   There's been a generous amount of media attention on our area because we are hosting the SuperBowl tomorrow.  Most of this week's media attention has been questioning our city's "unpreparedness" for this week's weather phenomenon. Good news:  today is...
Recently I had a conversation with Lisa Wilson from Lawyer's Title in Dallas, TX regarding the importance of a title policy.  Good to know info!
  Ever wondered if you should keep renting or buy?  Or where you could move that might be more affordable for buying a home?  Here is some current data from that may answer your questions:  50 US cities compared for renting versus buying.  Very nice interactive map. Rent vs. Buy Map

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