THESE 7 STEPS WILL HAVE YOU SAILING THROUGH THE HOME BUYING PROCESS     While there's a wealth of information available to homebuyers about the process of homebuying, as a Realtor, I continue to encounter buyers who are caught in the same pitfalls.   These are not rocket-science and certai...
Janet Jones from Just Your Style Interiors in Hawaii brings us this excellent message.  I could not have expressed it better than she does.  Listen up, agents and sellers!  This is truth!1.  We want to test the market for 90 days.  And on the 91st day?  Price reduction--and 90 days worth of poten...
Temperatures don't drop below freezing too often in Dallas, Texas compared to how many days are over 100 degrees.  But when they do, I'm still surprised at how many people operate their sprinkler systems in freezing temperatures.     While there might not be a risk to the sprinklers, you could be...
I hope you will take two minutes to view this video.  It's specifically directed at each and every client and referral partner.  In this thank you message, I share one of the reasons I continue to work in residential real estate.  It's not what you might think.  Watch now and learn the hidden rea...
    In my residential real estate career, I’ve seen literally hundreds of “flipped” homes for sale.  By “flipped”, I’m referring to a house purchased with the intent to renovate and resell at a profit.  I can count on one hand the number of renovated homes that were truly amazing:  a good value ...
This is from a previous blog post from J. Philip Faranda.  It bears repeating: "Here's the reality: If you are multiple listed, staged well, tidy, and have been on the market for 60 or 90 days with no offers or few lookers, the market has spoken; you need to reduce your price. You aren't the McCl...
In the last month, I've lost both my father-in-law and my mother.   Both were elderly, feeble and suffering.   Their passings were, according to most opinions, a blessing since they no longer suffered. From an intellectual perspective I would agree.  From a human, heart-rending perspective, I jus...
FHA commissioner David Stevens announced yesterday that FHA will increase their annual mortgage insurance premium effective April 18, 2011.  This move is designed to help strengthen their capital reserves and stabilize the housing market. What that means to you, as a buyer, is that if you are ob...
I've been telling buyers and sellers for weeks now to make a move.  Sellers stand to face tough competition from a pending tsunami of foreclosures.  Buyers who think that they may want to wait to see if prices go any lower, well, guess what?  You've already waited too long.  Look at this chart fr...

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