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Hi all! The last week has been pretty hot and humid here--more than 80 degrees at 6:00 a.m. with humidity at or near 100%. UGH! So much for that cold front that came through for a few days before that! Even the poor dog is exhausted after our early morning walks! Discussions have been coming up a...
How many of us have said this; When conditions are perfect I will....(fill in the blank). This can be anything from taking that dream vacation, buying that dream car, getting the dream job, or buying a house. "IF ONLY" the conditions were perfect, if they were right, then I would "_________." Thi...
Hi all! I hope this finds you doing well! We've been having some interesting weather around the country lately. I honestly don't remember seeing a hurricane making it so far north along the eastern seaboard, but then, when I lived in the midwest, I really didn't pay attention much to weather alon...
Hi!  This is my first ActiveRain post--I have been a "lurker" for quite a while, with an outside blog at, and finally comfortable enough to start on AR.  Please bare with me as I'm still trying to understand things and make my blog look like so many others I've bee...

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