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Well, today was quite interesting.  I decided to visit some open houses.  Not particularly as an agent, but more like a "secret agent".  It was pretty amazing how it all worked out.  The first house I visited was a fairly new home, less than 5 years old.  It was priced with the current market, in...
I have just returned from the Keller Williams "Family Reunion" (National Convention) in Anahime California.  What an encredible experience it was for me once again to learn the "state of the Art" marketing technologies and skills that keep your home out there in front of the competition.  I signe...
My friend Terry Keeton said that "Things do keep changing, but we all hope that by and large those changes mean progress."  We certainly saw evidence of that in the housing market last week, as Existing Home Sales headed up in January for the third month in a row. They've now reached a 5.36 milli...
OK, this is an angle I have not tackeled yet.  I am trying to use and it wants me to put in a Blog URL or Uss feed.  The short URL doesn't seem to work... what am I doing wrong?  Somebody help me!!!
I am looking for someone to be my "Negotiator" and push the paperwork through on my short sales.  I did have someone lined up, but now I cannot get her to communicate back.  (she recently moved, and I am sure that is causing some of the delay)  I am looking for someone who is already doing this p...
Well, it seems as though I have had everything imaginable thrown at me since I have moved to Woodstock!  Yes, two major snow storms and I am in my 11th day of the H1N1 Flu virus!  No one told me it could be this bad!  Yikes... I have never been so sick!  GET YOUR FLU SHOT TODAY!!!  The flu is bad...
Oops... I am still learning.  Sent you someone to use in Myrtle Beach SC if you needed a referral and it REALLY made a mess on my Blog.  Dayna Sherwood 843-877-3538 is the SUPER STAR for you to refer to in Myrtle Beach SC.  I think she is one of the hardest working agents I know.  I hope this is ...
Well, at least the snow is melting... in most of the yards.  I think we are back to thinking about Real Estate.  I am still getting lots of referrals for the Myrtle Beach market.  Yeah!  I have a great gal up there that is working so hard to find property for my referrals.  Her name is Dayna Sher...
ok, it is still a sheet of ice out there.  it reminds me of when we have a close brush with a hurricane.  everyone leaves or if you stay no one focuses on the matters at one is thinking about work.   well.. seing this is the second white episode, maybe i need to figure a way around it. ...
It is just a beautiful blanket of white out there today.  Great day to get a lot of updating done on the computer for the new Real Estate venture here in Woodstock.  You can not believe the way Buddy (my dog) runs in this stuff... he is 12 but I don't think he has ever really seen it this deep!  ...

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