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Mortgage and Lending - Private Money Lender & Trust Deed Investments - CFL#60DBO36350
Equity Cap Fund Advisors, Inc.  is a real estate investment company that provides debt in the form of trust deeds and mortgages in first and second lien position to real estate professionals, Developers, land lords with large portfolios to high net worth entities and private individuals for oppor...
We closed a Second Trust Deed Investment in the city of San Bernardino. We provide hard money loans in the city of San Bernardino and through out the whole county of San Bernardino. These San Bernardino hard money loans are secured against investment residential and or Commercial real estate  in ...
We are a Newport Beach Private Money Lender. We just funded and closed a Private Money Second in Newport Beach California .That Trust Deed investment was closed in six business days. We only fund  hard money loans with our private capital and we fund commercial loans as well. We provide private m...
 We Funded a hard money loan in the city of Huntington Beach with our Private Money Fix n Flip Profit sharing program. This loan was submitted by a mortgage broker out of Newport Beach. We funded this transaction with a real estate professional that has been operating for seven years with a track...
We closed a Second Trust Deed Investment hard money loan in uptown Whittier California . We provide hard money loans in Whittier California that are secured against investment residential and Commercial real estate  in the 1st & 2nd Lien position. The Borrower was finishing up a Fix N Flip projec...
We closed a Trust Deed Investment hard money loan in Wildomar California . The Borrower was purchasing an investment property to begin his real estate portfolio, He has complex tax return issues being that he is self employed and so he was denied a purchase money loan from the big bank, then this...
At e Money Lending we strive on increasing our Lending platform and right now this stated hard money commercial bridge loan product is a must in this lending environment. Since the credit crunch of 2008 we have seen a dramatic increase in hard money commercial loan requests. We have a sub 650 cre...
  At e Money Lending we are always providing solutions for Self Employed Clientele. We are at the for front of when it comes to financing options. We have a new product that fits in between our Prime Investment Banking Products & our Hard Money Products.   *Almost Nationwide Stated income Verifyi...
This is a hard money joint venture loan product, that is perfect for a savvy rehab investor to leverage our money. If the loan fits we will fund the Deal! We are funding hard money loans above the Purchase Price with our short term Joint Venture Fix N Flip hard money loan. If the Purchase Price, ...
Trust Deed Investing can bring superior returns with Low Risk .  You can invest your Capital with  different types of retirement accounts you may have. You can also Invest in Fractional Trust Deed Notes , Mortgages,or in a Mortgage Funds(Mortgage Pools) with your retirement account along with Joi...

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