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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.
Yesterday I wrote a blog called, "Home Ownership Is Too Important To Do Nothing" where I outlined some of my thoughts on the current housing and mortgage banking mess.  Today I'd like to expand on why I feel that those who say that we should simply wait for the markets to correct themselves are, ...
Much has been written about who should bear the blame for the current real estate and mortgage crises.  Some have levied blame at the borrowers while others have levied blame at unscrupulous mortgage brokers.I  for one have levied most of the blame on the big Wall Street Investment houses that bu...
I'll be honest, I love blogging.  It's fun, it has SEO advantages and it gives me a forum to get stuff off of my chest.  The one thing that it doesn't do for me (yet) is get my message out to a bunch of people.  If my web site is the equivalent to having a bill board in the middle of a corn field...
A few days ago I wrote a post where I asked if people thought that the media plays a story straight.  The over whelming response was, "No, the media does not play it straight with the public."Frankly, I wasn't surprised.  I had seen a perfect example of how the media plays things when my father p...
Over the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to talk with several people who are in no way connected with the St Louis real estate market or the St Louis mortgage markets.  These were everyday people, one guy worked for the phone company.  Another lady works as a recruiter for a local c...
The reason that I ask this question is that I've been following HR3915 fairly closely as it went through the House Financial Services Committee and have read up fairly well on how this whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco has come about.  In following this bill and reading up on this mess, I've done q...
Over the last year or so we've all watched the real estate market faltering.  Many, especially those in the media looking for a compelling headline, have referred to the housing market's woes as, "the real estate bubble bursting".  Well, I'll admit, I started scratching my head a couple of years ...
Alright, all excuses aside I'm finally ready to give an update on Kathy and I's rehab project.  The last time I wrote about are project I mentioned that we had completed a few of our smaller projects and will wonders never cease, we actually got both cars into the garage! YEAH!  As you can see, o...
Hello again from the world of drywall dust and busted knuckles!  As many of you probably know, I've been rehabbing a home that my girlfriend Kathy and I recently moved into.  On top of attempting to keep my business moving forward and getting all of our various projects completed we suffered abou...
Wow!  Life can be a roller coaster sometimes!  Some of you have probably noticed my absence from Activerain over the past 2 months.  I dropped in to let you know that I was rehabbing a house that my girlfriend and I purchased and have updated you all on the progress.  My last posting mentioned th...

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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.