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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.
I've got a question for all of you, What would have happened if the government hadn't pussy footed around with the sub-prime mess and had addressed the issues in a forthright and substantial way early in the crises? Would the housing crises have so deep and damaging?  Could some of the decline in...
"Summer breeze, makes me feel fine....blowing through the jasmine in my mindddd" sang at the top of our lungs in a bad falsetto by three almost grown young men driving down the road in a 1964 Ford Fairlane with glass pack mufflers and 50's on the back.  Oh, I almost forgot the, "Click Click" as t...
Last weekend I took my daughter up to Clinton Illinois to a public car auction.  Some of the cars were ones that were owned by the Illinois State Police that they had obtained by seizing them.  Others had been repossessed.  While others were there on consignment.  My daughter, who just graduated ...
Here in Missouri there is a rails to trails project called the Katy Trail.  It runs from north of St. Charles, Missouri to Clinton Missouri (about 260 miles) along the route of the old Missouri - Kansas - Texas railroad.  It is one of the best known of the rails to trails projects and from what I...
This morning I read a blog by Robert Swetz called, "Why Are You Overweight" and when I left a comment there, I realized that my perspective on this issue might be something that a lot of folks might find of interest. You see, I've been fat my entire life.  I was a big baby, a big toddler and when...
Last Friday morning I turned on CNBC to watch the business news and the coverage was centered on the crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  As I sat there listening to the talking heads discussing the possibility of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going belly up, my own belly was doing back flips. Whi...
Democrats and Republicans....what does it matter?  That was the tone of a comment that I just read on a post where the discussion was about the current low opinion ratings that both Congress and The President are currently receiving. While I can understand that person's frustrations and I can eve...
I just watched President Bush's address that announced that he was lifting the executive order that stood prohibiting off-shore drilling.  During his speech he made statements and gave figures that might make people believe that drilling off of our shores would bring gasoline prices down. The fac...
A few years ago my mother suffered a series of mini-strokes and we had to put her in a nursing home.  At the time, my family debated about what to do with her then 15 year old Siamese Cat, Coco.  At one point, my brother who had moved into my mother's house (where the cat was) had actually put hi...
The average real estate agent makes right around $39,421 a year gross from selling real estate.  This number which I got from Salary.com and that is about $9,000 a year higher than what the US Department of Labor figure is, is still reflective of what I think is one of the fundamental flaws in th...

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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.