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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.
I just figured out another thing that I love about AR!  That is, the ability to get a glimpse inside the worlds of all the various people who are involved in the real estate, mortgage, title, appraisal, home inspector, stager and all the other facets of our industry.Yesterday a lady named D. Bass...
People are sheep!  At least when it comes to how they view and interact with the economy.  For the most part, people don't want to know what's going on with our economy. The majority of people in this country are more than willing to close their eyes and wish for the best!The fed cuts interest ra...
A comment from a member of the public on one of my previous posts (News Flash - Real Estate Values To Rise)called into question my belief that it's not the housing markets that are broken, but rather the credit markets that are causing the housing markets to suffer.In his comment the gentleman po...
Bar talk.  Are you familiar with the term?  It's when you're sitting at a bar and there is some guy sitting there who is obviously the world's smartest man!  No matter what you're talking about, he's the expert!I've always felt the there was something about real estate that brought this out in pe...
One of the things that a lot of people don't realize when they buy a "new construction" home is that there are a lot of finishing touches that you need before that house turns into a home.  For example, many builders don't install garage door openers or shelves in the laundry room, etc.Last week ...
The other day I wrote a blog called, "An Ethical Dilemma - To Stand or Not" that told the story of my going to a concert where the US Marine Corp had come on stage in order to recruit.  The MC attempted to cloak this recruiting effort in a veil of patriotism by encouraging everyone "to stand to s...
This past Saturday night my girlfriend and I went to see the Kid Rock concert here in St. Louis.  At the start of the concert I found myself in an interesting ethical dilemma.  What happened was this;Prior to the concert beginning the MC started talking about Kid Rock's visits to Iraq and his sup...
"Like a bad mix tape with some really good songs!"  That's how I described last Saturday night's Kid Rock concert at the Scott Trade Center here in St. Louis.It's not that I didn't enjoy the concert, I did.  It's just that the concert was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  The songs ranged from "This Little Li...
Last night my son called me on his way home from his job at a steak house in Opelika Alabama.  He was frustrated because while he had been busy all evening (being Valentine's day) he hadn't made that much money.  It turned out that two of his bigger tables had a cultural mindset against tipping (...
In a way, it's ironic.  Having just posted the other day a post called, "Cold Calling Made Easy!  Dialing and Smiling For Fun And Profit!" I'm writing this post today because I've just about had it with a company called Superior Internet Solutions.  What's got my goat is that these folks have bee...

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A Blog about real estate and real estate finance by Bob Mitchell who has been in the business since 1984 and who comes at the business from a different angle.