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  Wow!I had no idea my blog yesterday about a burglary security code scam would prompt such a downpour of responses on ActiveRain. Every Realtor responding was appalled, though most of you have experienced similar requests for security information. And many of you had some very interesting commen...
  I don't know how Realtors do things in Colorado, but we certainly do them differently here in Rockland County, NY. Police in Pueblo, Colorado are still looking for two slick burglars who conned a Realtor into telling them the entry code to a house that was for sale. The Realtor gave the burglar...
  If you have political aspirations and want to take a short cut to the White House, here's one way to do it. No, we're not talking about smoke-filled rooms, bribes and dirty campaign tricks. Just buy it! At least you can buy the White House replica that's just gone back on the market in McLean, ...
An average of  $157 per household in county property taxes, an increase of 18.4 percent is on the table under Scott Vanderhoef's final budget before stepping down as Rockland County Executive. The tax increase isn't the only shock to local residents, many non-mandated health programs are slated f...
  Oh, no. It's that time again! Time for that thing you've all been fearing. The thing that comes every year right about now. It's... it's... The Event than WILL NOT DIE!  No, not the annual visit from your West Virginia relatives. It's time for the annual Nyack Halloween Parade! Most importantly...
This summer, a friend of ours bought a home in Piermont, situated right on the Hudson River. I thought it was an odd buy, as the house was rather small and quite dated, and he paid a bunch for it, presumably for its location and spectacular view of the Hudson and the Tappan Zee Bridge. So I wasn...
I saw another one of those TV news sting operations the other day. You know the kind, where they get repairmen in to fix something that's not broken to see how capable and honest they are. This time it featured chimney sweeps. The news show found a cooperative homeowner with a chimney and hired a...
We had an earthquake in New England Tuesday. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 4.0 magnitude quake hit around 7:12 p.m. and its epicenter was about 3 miles west of Hollis Center, Maine, and about 20 miles west of Portland. In Piermont, we didn't feel a thing. Our local newspaper, Gannett's Jour...
by Vanessa Saunders If you've been putting off your annual trip to the orchards for fall apple picking, you'd better get a move on. Because of a lighter than usual crop, this year's apple harvest will end early. If you wait 'til the end of October to pick fresh apples upstate, there may not be a...
  Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by Vanessa Saunders The Dennis P. McHugh Library in Piermont will feature an art exhibit of local artists' images of the Piermont Marsh. Margaret Grace, a local artist, has curated the show which will feature the works of herself, Grace Mitchell, Robert Adzema, Fran...

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